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The 93rd Hunger Games - A 24 by 24 Story
Have you ever wanted to write a tribute from Reaping to Victory/Death? Then this is for you!
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Afterglow: The Second Annual Hunger Games
For participants of the Afterglow story 24/24 Author Collaboration ONLY.
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Peeta and Katness
Peeta and Katness and other ships keep it pg 13
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Hunger Games Chat Q&A
Yea we just gonna be chattin' it up about hunga games
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THG roleplay
Roleplay on the hunger games, thats basically it. I dont know how to do this but... yeahhhh...
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Hunger Games
Welcome to the hunger games forum
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The Official Forum For All Things Catoniss
This is the place where you can discuss stories, share youre favourites, or give your opinions on anything and everything Catoniss!
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KatnissxGale One-shot
This is an Everthorne one-shot (although I may turn it into many one-shots if you guys want?). I've always thought it should be Katniss and Gale not Peeta - I have nothing against him but like it just should've been Gale...lol - which is why I've created this short one-shot story! Hope you enjoy & Stay safe Kes xx
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Help! I'm looking for a Everlark story
I'm looking for some help, I read this story ages ago but now can't seem to find it. It was an Everlark story set in modern times. They are best friends and become more one night over text message. I remember that Peeta had asked Katniss to Prom and there is a autocorrect moment when she says something like "I meant I was looking at prom dresses". I think is might have been called Platonic but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If someone could help, I'd be very grateful. Thank x
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The fourth Quater Quell
This is the fourth quater quell after the rebellion and coin took charge the only difference was that coin continued the games and the capitol and district 13 have swapped places with coin being as oppressive as snow had been before katniss shot the arrow that killed him.
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