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When Death Comes Knocking
Hunger Games roleplay! Feel free to join for the 149th Hunger Games. Or, you can join as a Gamemaker and control the fates of the Tributes from afar.
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District 15
A dedicated few's efforts to help create better, more cohesive SYOTs that are creative, intelligent, and above all, legal. Features a chat and now, a monthly prompt. We encourage all to participate and have fun.
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96th Interactive Hunger Games
This fic is by tculler310. Come here to discuss alliances, strategys, or smack talk.
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93rd Hunger Games - 24 Author Collaboration
Okay, so we're doing this.
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RP: The 74th Hunger Games Retold
Set in the first book. Let's see what happens when we tell this little story our own way...
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Hunger Games: Their Stories
Hi writers! I created this forum so people would have a place to show off their own stories of the Hunger Games! This is not a forum for stories about AFTER the series, but before, Hunger Games after the rebellion, or deaths from tributes mentioned in the books! Have fun and keep writing!
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Summer 2012 The Hunger Games Fic Awards
Official Forum for the Summer 2012 Hunger Games Fic Awards.
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The Toxicverse
All things Toxiverse related :)
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It's All In Their Hands (The 41st Annual Hunger Games)
A forum for the authors to discuss the story and its outcome.
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Peeta vs Gale
Well, after haveing a heated discussion with my friends, we are all fighting on who's better: Gale or Peeta. So I thought it would be interesting to see what the people of fanfiction thought. Comments? Opinions? Everything's accepted and debatable!
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24 Tributes, 24 Writers
This Forum is to discuss the participates of the 24 Tributes and 24 Writers collaboration. Only those who are intending to participate are invited.
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District 13
Come here to talk about all things Hunger Games or just to chat! :D
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The Hunger Games Roleplay Forum
Would you be able to withstand the treacherous Hunger Games? Roleplay forum, slightly AU. Set after The Hunger Games but before Catching Fire. Welcome to the 75th Annual Hunger Games and may the odds ever be in your favour! OCs accepted.
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Betrayed By Your Own: Story & Chat
For the readers of my story to post things here so the rules can technically be followed. Other people can also come here to chat - we talk about very odd things, from crazy teachers to drama departments to crazy politicians.
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A Fight To The Death
A Hunger Games roleplay, because I have nothing better to do with my life.
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The Hunger Games - RP
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Survival of the Fittest
Years after the first Hunger Games, people with mutations began to be born. The mutations granted them special abilities. Generations later, the ancestors of the first mutants are found by the government and are forced to compete. Create a character and join us as we watch these young mutants face the wrath of the Hunger Games!
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Hunger Games Re-Created
Legend for these children say that the games supposedly finished around 25 years ago, they disagree. If this is the truth why is it that the games are still continuing? These children, much more of an age difference than before, will be sent to fight, unable to escape. Trapped in the world that they know and hate.
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Blood Spilt Is One More Life Lost
This is a 24 author 24 tribute Collaboration! The 28th Hunger Games will be the most brutal that a hunger games has ever been. 23 lives will be lost, and one will be spared. Can your tribute be the one? need of tributes.
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Capitol Life
official forum for capitol life. a story written by multiple authors. if your not a part of it yet join today. you still can. more information inside! just click
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A World of Bread and Circuses
The craziest Hunger Games yet. Roleplays, discussions, one-shot titles, you name it. It's all right here.
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For battles and Hunger Games related topics
This is for you Evan and Lost!
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The beginning of the hunger games
after the rebellion, district 13 was completely destroyed. The Capitol made the huger games as a punishment. Active roleplay! You may use hunger games characters, and your own! Happy hunger games, and may the odds be EVER in your favor!
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Favorable Odds: A Hunger Games Roleplay
There is a rebellion underway after Peeta and Katniss won the 74th Hunger Games.The 75th Hunger Games are about to begin but there is evil lurking in the shadows. Do you have what it takes to win? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor
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The Hunger Games RP
Create your Tribute!
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