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24 Tributes, 24 Wars
Reboot of "This is War" 24/24 collaboration. This is home base for the authors involved.
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May the Odds
Here at May the Odds we Deal With Anything and Everything to do With The Hunger Games! Everybody and Anybody is Welcome
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Hunger games roleplay
Each year, 24 12-18 year olds are sent to the arena to battle it out. Each year, only one survives... Come join us! (AU without Katniss and the Rebellion etc.)
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Death Numbs The Pain: The 124th Hunger Games 24 AUTHOR COLLABORATION!
This is a 24 Author Collaboration! The three moderators; FireflyLlama, annabethsapphireGaleniss 5ever, and Regieturtle; are looking for 24 creative authors who have a passion for writing and who wish to be a part of one exciting collaboration! All details are within this forum and we hope many of you talented writers out there are interested in being a part of the 124th Hunger Games! x
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The Hunger Games Roleplay
It looks as if the second Hunger Games Roleplay. So, have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor.
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The Hunger Games
Where you can participate in the hunger games and create your own characters to enter them. My first forum and RP xD
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The 11th Hunger Games: Cavernous Calamity
For the authors of the 24/24 author collaboration for The 11th Hunger Games: Cavernous Calamity
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Que la suerte esté siempre de vuestra parte
Un foro dedicado a los juegos del hambre, para hablar de todo lo relacionado con los libros y sobre todo participar en retos, juegos y desafíos, también tendremos nuestros propios juegos del hambre. No os lo penséis más y entrad
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Hunger Games RolePlay
A Hunger Games Roleplay obviously! But you can be original and cannon characters! A lot of different games so everyone can play! I know how it is when you want to join one and it's already started, so we won't have that here. :D
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Reviews and Readers for your HG Fics
It's hard to get your fics noticed in the main feed, right? This forum gives us another platform to share our fics. Join comps or promote your Hunger Games fics to get reviews, readers and browse through an archive of THG fics added by other writers.
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The 17th Hunger Games RP
The tributes have been chosen-24 in total-and only one will survive. The districts mourn over the children who will surely perish, and fear the careers that will mercilessly hack them to death. Still, the Games are not so set in stone that only a career can win. No, the Games are not so predictable as that, and so, hope may exist after all. Just maybe.
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To The Death - A Hunger Games Roll Play
Create a tribute, stylist, game maker, someone at home, or play as someone from the books. Form alliances, get reaped or volunteer, play along with the drama on the trains and enjoy training in the capitol. We will play games to earn sponsor points and have interviews the... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
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Project: Kill Into
We are serious about this. :K
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Game On! Ready Set Kill!
This is a Hunger Games RP and Reaping Day is rapidly approaching. What tributes will be picked to participate? But everybody knows that once you're picked you better get your game on because the next thing you know, its ready, set, KILL!
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75 Games
A forum for readers of the story 75 Games, 75 Victors, 75 Oneshots and associated projects, and for writers involved in the community project, 75 Games: After the Mockingjay.
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Red thread and Chalk lines! A Hunger Games Roleplay!
Dusty mirrors reflecting on yourself, past, present, future. A thin redline divides us.. Do your tributes have what it takes to come out at the top? A hunger games roleplay (RP). NOW OPEN! Please join! :) P.S. I check every day!
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75th Hunger Games Quarter Quell
This forum will take place during 'Catching Fire' Will have the 13 Districts and the Capitol. You can pick canon characters and make your own oc's. You character will be randomly reaped.
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Enjoy the Silence
Avoxes need love too! This is a forum for discussion about them, and the HG Trilogy in general.
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The 100 Theme Challenge
One hundred themes for you to write THG stories on. Interested? THEN CLICK!
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A Story of Revenge
A Forum for the series of A Story of Revenge: The First Hunger Games. Come and discuss the story or anything you want!
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Hunger Games RP
Create a tribute and fight to the death in the Hunger Games of 2011!
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Let the Games Begin RP
Blood, sweat, and more blood- it's the way of the hunger games, and you've been chosen to be a tribute! Can your character make make it past the cornicopia? Or, better yet, win the games?
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District 18
A safe haven for those fans of the Hunger Games who enjo actual conversations, other than RP and shipping.
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Hunger Games Role Play
A new RP thread for the wonderful book series, HUNGER GAMES! *warning- spoiler alert!*
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Finding Your Inner Tribute
Many topics will be covered in this forum. Casting, Characters, and a couple others. Come and check it out!
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