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The Hunted and The Hunters RPG ReVamped
This is a RPG based on the books. With a twist, this forum is full of mystery and grief, New Mayhem is about to be taken over by the Nighthunters, Midnight is next. Help the Enreka's fight back, or help beat back the Enrekas. New people welcomed. Revamping the old one, 5 years in the future.
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The Blood To Be Poured
I noticed a lack of forums for this series. It's a shame. Haven't you wished to be a vampire, hunter, or witch? Here's your chance. Sign up and please observe rules.
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A forum for Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' fans, in any book, from In the Forests of the Night to Kiesha'ra.
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Help with locating a story
it started out with a girl was out in the rain one night looking for her dog. She ran across Aubrey, found out his secret and he kidnapped her.in the next few days, they fell in love, and when he let her go back home, she came back to find he was gone
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Fan art?
Asking about fanart for the Amelia AtwaterRhodes vampire books all of them, not just forest of the night...
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Kiesha'Ra series
Come talk about anything regarding the Kiesha'Ra series...Interesting information, new books, the pairings...etc.
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The Black Rose: Aubrey and Risika
There aren't that many AubreyRisika shippers out there and there aren't that many places to discuss this pairing either... so that's why The Black Rose is here!
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