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Infernal Devices RP :)
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The Next Generation RP
This is set after Clockwork Prince. Cecily and Jem end up together Sorry for people who wanted Tessa and Jem and Will marries Jessamine. Tessa is immortal Read COG people and is travelling the world. Mortmain hasn't been seen in 20 years, ut he is still alive. This is set in the point of view of all their children Anyone can be there, not just the Carstairs and Herondale children
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Infernal Devices Roleplay: After Clockwork Prince
An Infernal Devices role play set right after Clockwork Prince. This is a friendly community where all are welcome.
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Infernal Devices RP
My old RP died so I made a new one
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Infernal Devices Role Play
This takes place during Clockwork Angel. All the characters we've met in the books are open, unless they died... : Anyone can join, takes place in London. Come and make your Own Character if you'd like could be any creature that are in the book, plz join
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The Clockwork Era: An Infernal Devices RP!
A world in which the supernatural roam right under our noses and demons come from other dimensions to...Do whatever it is they do...Who's left to save us but the shadowhnter! C'mon in and Join the Clockwork Era!
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Teasers, Tangents and Tears
Because I can't be the only one who's going insane in wait for Clockwork Prince. I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT! Ahem. So, here's where you can spew your theories, opinions and general loon babbling. I'll also post CP teasers for you to foam at the mouth over.
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The Infernal Devices (Reboot)
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All those ID crazy fans C:
Team Will or Jem or maybe even Jace? Well, here's the place to fangirl about them all C: maybe you'll even write a few new fics, make new friends and contribute to the craziness... C:
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The Infernal Institution
Come on in and Roleplay for the Infernal Devices series. Create OC's and let's see where this goes.
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Fav Infernal Devices Characters Quotes & Stories
The favorite characters, quotes and fan fiction stories from and about the series.
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The 'Everyone Thinks Will Is A Lunatic' Meeting
Yes, this is that meeting. It's biannual. Come on in to discuss The Mortal Instruments and/or Infernal Devices. Or just chat.
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Infernal Devices Roleplay
Come one, come all! Victorian London is at the ready, with all the characters. OC characters are also welcome! Do whatever you want and enjoy!
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Clockwork Fic Challenges
If you are at a writer's block or you just simply enjoy writing and being challenged, come to this forum. Prompts are available! Let's expand this fandom just a little bit more.
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Infernal Devices RP
Welcome to London, the city of shadows, in the reign of Queen Victoria. My old role-play died out, so I propose this one instead.
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A Couple Angels and A Basket Case
Because the mystery surrounding it all is just too overwhelming - We simply must sort through it all! -Challenges, Competitions, Games and random chat threads created by anyone!- Also offering a Give and Get reviews thread!
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Shadow Hunters!
for any shadowhunter or downworlder! Rp as an oc or a book charactor! please join
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Your Infernal Devices
Ever wished that Will and Tessa got together? Jem and Tess? Well, come RP with us and make all those fantasies come true. Or come up with OC and we'll create a world just as complicated and beautiful and the world of the Infernal Devices
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The Infernal Devices Roleplay
This is a role play for the Infernal Devices book series.
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Infernal Devices RP
RP about EVERYTHING Tessa, Will, Jem! Set after Clockwork Angel.
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clockwork prince reveiws
this forum is for people who have read clockwork prince and want to discuss it. NOT MEANT FOR BASHING THE AUTHOR BOOKS... etc.
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cass' tracker
private forum to keep track of contests/prompts, pls don't post :3
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