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Inkheart Role Play!
Ever wanted to be part of the Inkworld? If you were, what would you be? Where would you live? How would you act? Well, in this RP forum, you can create your own characters and talk with others' characters! Have fun!
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Inkheart RP
Open as of 03/18/17! Come join us in RPing the classic story of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke! OCs and Cannons welcome!
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Romance, Romance
A place for all fangirls, pairing fanatics, and ordinary people who just want to chat. Home of a growing Inkdeath rumor file!
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Inkheart rp
Its a ink rp!We're back in ink world, choose any of the strolling players jobs,have fun!
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The third book in the Inkheart series comes out in 2008. The title, Inkdeath, gives away what's going to happen, somebody's going to die.
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Inkheart Movie
Discuss who you think should star in the movie, should the movie be made at all, and if you think they'll do a good job of adapting the movie to the book. Unlike Harry Potter.
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Ink Challenges
On this forum you can post challenges for Inkheart fanfics you want someone to write, or respond to one yourself! If you're out of ideas for stories, this might be a good way to find inspiration. More information inside!
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Inkdeath & General discussion
Talk about Inkdeath and anything else you want here!
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Hey have you ever wanted to be in the Inkworld and do and pretend that your a warrior, baker, or Strolling Player? Well nows your chance! Come inside. All you need is a name, age, profession, and link to a picture, then your set to RP Ink World style!
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you can tell what you think about Inkheart or Inkspell in this forum, discuss what you think is best about both of those books!
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Anyone who likes Basta, what are you waiting for? Get over here and spill out all your fangirlishness. If that's even a word...and it's probably not.
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InkDeath What Will Happen?
Do you think that Maggie ,Mo and Resa will return back to their world or do you think they will stay in the Inkworld. I think it will be pretty hard for Maggie to leave Farid behind. What do you think?
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Inkworld Online
Hi people this is the Inkworld online in other words this is where Inkheart fans come to chat and have fun, chat, and well have some more fun i'll be setting up a new topic soon in the mean time chat together.
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Basicly... we chat about Inkheart/Inkspell... I suck at summaires...so my sis wrote this
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this is for every one who loves to talk about inkw
this forum is for inkheart and inkspell fanaticks
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Inkheart Movie Vs Book
Before movieverse fics with terrible pairings come out all over the place, lets enjoy the time we have left of a slightly less corrupted cannon world, then switch gears when the movie comes out and compare the 2. Or anything else Inkheart.
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Inkheart Lovers Unite
Have something about Inkheart you want to say? A story you want to promote? A favorite character you want to tak about? Or maybe you just want to rant about Inkheart! This is the place to be!
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If you want the Funke we will bring you the Funke.
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Everyone who has read the books or has seen the movie can join into the conversation, tell us what you think of Inkheart, Inkspell, or Inkdeath I would like to know if the last one is worth my time because I'm reading Inkspell currently
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The Minor and Villainous Characters
Now we all write things about Dusty, Mo, Meggie, and Resa. But mainly that's all I see. We should discuss what the personnal lives of the minor characters were like. No one ever says anything about Elinor and she's one of my fovorites.
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I need ideas for Inkheart stories so...help me!
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The Inkworld
This forum will not only be a role-play, but I will also use your OC's-with your permission, of course-in my Inkheart fic!
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Inkheart: Ink War
Intermediate to Advanced Inkheart Roleplay. Plot to be determined. OCs only.
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