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Iron Fey RP!
Come and RP, chat, whateva!
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Click here to say if you're Team Puck or Team Ash, and debate about who's better. PUCK!
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Making Iron Fey Friends
This is a forum to make new friends that are interested in the book and a place to recommend other books. I created this place because I can never seem to establish contact with a lot of other people on this web site.
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Wanted: M Rated
The Iron Fey series needs some M Rated FanFiction stories! Come on guys, write them! Haha. This is one of my favorite series yet it is the one on FanFiction where there are NO M rated stories!
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The Fabulous Iron Fey :P
Hey everyone! This forum is for everyone to express their thoughts about the Iron Fey book series. Such as Team Puck or Team Ash? Does Grimalkin frustrate you? Summer, Winter or Iron? Would you prefer to live in a fey court or in the wild wood?
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Story Help!
A forum to get help with any details in you story/get advice & ideas to help with your story.
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