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A Jane Eyre fans club
I found that there was only one real Jane Eyre Forum out there and decided to make one. You can ask for reviews for your JE stories or those related to the 3 Bronte authors. There may be challanges and perhaps rp where you can bring oc's of your own.
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Best Bits
In this forum are basically the best bits of the story. Feel free to share your penceworth.
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Philippa Gregory
hey i know that this is not the samr auther...yet what do you think about the writer Philippa Gregory?...i want to here your thoughts..lol..i know that sounded so wiered...
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The Rochester Children
What would the Rochester's call their children if they had a boy which they obviously did and a girl afterward. Few names go with "Rochester"
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Janes autonate plan
I totally love jane eyre and have watched every movie and tv series there is. But i always wanted to have my own version.
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