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Roleplay, Anybody?
Anybody want in? ...Nope. Apparently not. Fine; I'll RP by myself.
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Ultimate Jedi Apprentice Forum!
In this forum you can discuss any aspect of Jedi Apprentice; characters, events, etc. I'll get the discussion started by asking some interesting questions.
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Bant's Sanctuary
A forum dedicated to the promotion of one of the most underappreciated characters of the Jedi Apprentice books. Discuss Bant in terms of who she is, why she is significant, and more.
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Young ObiWan
Come and talk about ObiWan in his Padawan's years
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The Jedi Apprentice Role Play Game!
This is the only forum for this series of books to roleplay as a character! Just so you know, I'm always Xanatos. If you want to start a roleplay, just start a thread, and if you make up a character, put a profile. Happy playin!
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Challenges and Contests!
You can post up challenge ideas for Jedi Apprentice or even Star Wars, Fics.
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