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New Egypt
Welcome to New Egypt, the New Nome. Here you'll be inform of the latest activities of this site: There you can create your own characters, begin training to become a magician. Follow the path of the Gods! This new nome was created by Sadie and Carter. We must continue this legacy...
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Apophis is dead. The gods have retreated to the heavens, and for once, the kids at the 21st nome have a chance to lead a normal life-with the plus of having a mansion and magic-until the gods decide to mess up their lives again. But until then...all are welcome in the 21st nome. *Will open for anyone who wants to join*
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The 21st Nome
Welcome to the 21st nome. You are now a magician. No waiting for me or the mods to approve, just fill out the form and go!
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A bigger bond
Sadie is beginning to have some feelings for Bast will she tell her
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Brooklyn House
Welcome all magicians! I'm the leader of the 21st nome, Lauren, a divine speaker. Come in, register, and make friends, and participate in contests and challenges.
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Kane Chronicles Fanclub
This is purely for talking about Kane Chronicles
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Carter and Zia fluff
Read it
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