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Keeper of the Lost Cities Role Play
This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities Role Play! I am curently accepting any new OC’s. Please follow guidlines, and remember. Always have fun!
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The Black Swan
Become a member of the Black Swan and fight the Neverseen while balancing life in the Lost Cities. No swearing or profanities, please.
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Keeper of the Lost Cities TEAMS CHALLENGE
Are you on team Sophie, Dex, Keefe, Fitz, Biana, Iggy, Silveney, or Black Swan? Complete challenges to earn points and win the term's award! *Open for a soft start! Come in and join!*
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KOTLC Theory's
Is Oralie a Sencen? Who are Sophie's biological parents? Come give opinions and theory's other than this, Just remember to please keep everything rated T,
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Put yourself in the Lost Cities
Play as yourself in the Lost Cities. Please don't swear or have inappropriate comments.
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KOTLC Roleplay
OCs are allowed! You can pretty much do whatever you want, but cussing and inappropriate content is not permitted. :)
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Keeper of the Lost Cities Fans
Chat about Kotlc! Share theories, favourite characters, ships, and chat!
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Kotlc RPG (awesome)
A RPG where kotlc lovers can come and act as though they were part of the story. (Next Generation)
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