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Keeper of the Lost Cities Role Play
This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities Role Play! I am curently accepting any new OC’s. Please follow guidlines, and remember. Always have fun!
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The Black Swan
Become a member of the Black Swan and fight the Neverseen while balancing life in the Lost Cities. No swearing or profanities, please.
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Kotlc RolePlay
This forum is a roleplay for foxfire you will create a charactor and play as an elf in the lost citys.
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KOTLC Theory's
Is Oralie a Sencen? Who are Sophie's biological parents? Come give opinions and theory's other than this, Just remember to please keep everything rated T,
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Put yourself in the Lost Cities
Play as yourself in the Lost Cities. Please don't swear or have inappropriate comments.
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KOTLC Roleplay
OCs are allowed! You can pretty much do whatever you want, but cussing and inappropriate content is not permitted. :)
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Keeper of the Lost Cities Fans
Chat about Kotlc! Share theories, favourite characters, ships, and chat!
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Kotlc RPG (awesome)
A RPG where kotlc lovers can come and act as though they were part of the story. (Next Generation)
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