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Kiesha'ra RP
No one has made one of these! But it will be fun! Come and be canon or OC characters, serpentine or avian. NEW PLAYERS NEEDED!
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A forum to discuss the greatness which is this series...
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Zane Cobriana
All right, Zane fangirls, I know you're out there! Or if you're not, we can always talk about how adorable he and Danica are together...
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Shapeshifter Challenges
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Canon Notes on Kiesha'ra
This forum is solely for sharing tidbits of canon information about the universe ('Nyeusigrube' or 'Den of Shadows') in the Kiesha'ra books, created by the wonderful Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, that may help everyone when it comes to writing and understanding fanfiction about it.
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