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Sweeney in Paris? And other Crossovers
The police have taken notice of unusual activity on Fleet Street, so Mrs. Lovett convinces Mr. T. to move out...to the Gorbeau Tenement in Paris, France. Pre-bloodbath for both plotlines.
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Viva La Revolution! A Les Miserables Rp
Hearing the people sing? Unfortunately we are no longer accepting newbies...sorry :( x
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Here They Talked of Revolution
Do you see the world in red and black? Do you hear the people sing? Then, come on in and drink with me. We're all lost in the valley of the night anyway.
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They Will See The People Rise - A Les Miserables Rp
This is for any Mizzies out there. OC's and canon characters.
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Writers Corner
A place to discuss all things writing.
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Les Miserables Fanfic Discussion Forum
The aim of this forum is to make us better writers and readers; to - politely - discuss pieces of fan fiction in a little more depth than we usually do in our reviews and in the same way you would discuss a book in a book club.
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The Barricade
Adore the Amis, rage against the government, after all, what's a barricade for? A place for meaningful coversations as well as pointless drabble, all in adoring of our favorite revolutionary French boys.
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The Back Room of the Cafe Musain
For all mock-serious debate and pontification on whatever minor issues of Les Mis canon, fanon, fic, and history strike your fancy. "They talked of one thing and another, with no passion and a great deal of noise."
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The People's Song
I'm curious if anyone has any ideas on my Les Mis fic... Just anything at all, to talk amongst yourselves. I may see nothing, but I'm curious, and curiousity is half the reason I do anything.
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Les Virals
Les Miserables meets Virals (a book by Kathy Reichs)
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Muppet Les Misérables
The Muppets have done movies based on classics like "Treasure Island" and "The Wizard of Oz." What if they did such a movie for "Les Misérables"? Which Muppets would play which characters?
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Some Wine and Say What's Going On
A place for Les Mis fans to talk about any and all things Les Mis. Open to all (bonus points if you read the book, and yes, the abridged version still counts!)
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Université des Écrivains Misérables
Discussion forum for the Official Fanfiction University of Les Misérables. Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism are welcomed and encouraged.
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