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Fabricatations and Machines, a Leviathan Roleplay
RP the war between the Darwinists and the Clankers. Pick your side and get RPing! New members always welcome.
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Clankers and Darwinists
Welcome, Clankers and Darwinists; young and old; men, women, boys, girls and cross-dressing middies! Feel free to post any Leviathan trilogy related topics. Discuss anything from Alek/Deryn to your predictions for the series! Enjoy!
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The Darwinist and Clanker Hub: Rolepay
So some of you may have been a part of the Leviathan roleplay Fabrications and Machines, a Leviathan Roleplay, started by Zero. Well, he decided to give up on that, so I've taken up the torch!A roleplay set in the Leviathan universe. All members welcome!
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World War II 10 years later Leviathan fanfiction
This forum will be used to discuss ideas about the protagonists of Leviathan as well as the state of the world in the aftermath of Goliath. I'm not gathering story ideas for my own neferious purpose, I'm just intrigued with what you think about the depres
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I want YOU
Hello erybody! As you may know i am TERRIBLEH with updates, so im planning to just give up on most of my stories altogether. however i want to give some of my previous stories away to anyone willing to continue them. Idea given to me by Leviticus Wilkes. post if your interested :
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The Whaleship
Jump on the whaleship and talk all things Leviathan! Cross-dressing middies welcome, as well as arrogant runaway princes! Come and talk about the series!
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