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Teddy and Jo
A place for those of us that adore this lovely couple! AKA What was Jo thinking?
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Little Womaen RP
There were no role plays, so I decided to make my own.
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Post little women challenges here.
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Suggested Books and Movies
Although we all know nothing compares to Little Women or LaurieJo what other books and movies do you recommend? Can be just stuff you like or things that remind you of LaurieJo or other stuff when you're in need for a romantic pickmeup.
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Louisa Mae rocks my socks!
a place to talk about all of Louisa Mae ALcott's wonderful books, and the movies that have been made about them.
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Little Women series
I have read all three of the Little Women series, and though she is a good author, Louisa really bugs me when it comes to romance. This a place for those of you who wish to rant or praise Little Women.
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¿Con quién te gustaría que se case Jo?
Laurie, Anthony, Friedrich... o sola... ¿Cuál elección sería la más acertada para nuestra Jo? ¡Entra y vota! Vasado en el anime Ai No Wakakusa Monogatari
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Me Wants My Bhaer
For anyone who likes the Jo/Bhaer shipping. To quote one very amusing article on the subject of the book's infamous love triangle: "Laurie who?"
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