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LotR - Dark Days
The war never ends in Middle-Earth. The darkness will be always present to balance the light. It is up to you what the outcome will be. Will you serve the Free People and clean the world of darkness? Or do you wish to spread the fear and enslave all races? Pick a side and let's RP.
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Amid the Boughs of Eryn Lasgalen There Was a Talan
A place to talk about Tolkien's works and writing, or just chat about life in general. Come on up, be careful on the rope ladder! And join right in. We're a friendly bunch, often random, but all with a love of the works of JRR Tolkien and fanfiction.
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You tired of Legolas bashing? Or people making fun of Frodo? Well then come on in and actually PLAY Legolas, Frodo, or any other LOTR character and stand up for yourself in this Lord of the Rings forum!
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The Tolkieneers
A place for die hard Tolkien fans to come and talk about their favorite world: Middle-earth, to make new friends along the way, and to get help with your writing.
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Lord of the Rings: The New Era
Roleplay! Create OC's, meet people, battle fearsome creatures, and explore the world! All are welcome, come on in! Warning: May contain nuts.
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Fellowship of the Captured
Role Play! Join in the fun! Create characters and battle monsters. Villians or heros, elves or dwarves, they are all welcome. Come right in and enjoy your stay. (Set after Sauron's defeat)
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El Poney Pisador
¡Sean bienvenidos, lectores y escritores! ¡Cebadilla Mantecona a su servicio! Tanto si quieres tratar temas de interés en referencia a las obras del profesor Tolkien como hablar de tus gustos o participar de desafíos, retos, debates, conspiraciones y juegos ¡éste es tu foro! Pon a prueba tu creatividad, a la vez que haces amigos. ¡Te esperamos!
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Lord of the Rings Adventure RP (Private)
Beginning just before the Hobbit. (PRIVATE FORUM)
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The Lord Of The Rings RP
Come and rp as one of the Fellowship or make your own character! I will make different rps for each person (cause I get confused easily). Come and rp and we will have lots of funfun!
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Am I the only one sick of these all too sweet MarySues?
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Cuando los Hobbits descubrieron internet
Todos los humanos, elfos, enanos, hobbits, magos y orcos, que se precien, son bienvenidos. Os esperan juegos, retos y debates en la tierra media!
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hot or not
tell me your five hottest guys in lord of the rings
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The Lord of the Rings: a fan roleplay
Ever wanted to experience Middle Earth yourself? Now you can! Elves, Men, Dwarves, Wizards, and all other inhabitants of this fascinating world are welcome!
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Questions about Middle Earth
This forum is for those with question's about Tolkien's world and those who wish to answer them. Thus, we can all help each other better our writting and understanding of the Canon.
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Legi Forever!
All of those Legolas and Orlando Bloom fans out there are welcome!
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The Lord of the Rings: After Frodo's Time
A rebirth of my old Forum that had died. A role play taking place after the fall of Sauron. Despite the fact that the one Ring is destroyed, evil still lurks in the shadows of the land.
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Lord of the Rings OC and Parody Heaven
Everything here is oc and parodies. Make your own elf, hobbit, dwarf or human and start roleplaying. The story? Anything you want it just goes along but it all takes place in Middle Earth and maybe even the havens if people want. I love a good Lotr parody. If you do to post a link or post your own parody in the parody section,
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Forum dedicated to the humourous side of LOTR! Seriously, I could list all the games....but i would run out of space :P Come and join in! :D ENJOY!
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LOTR Lovers
Talk about your fav characters, quotes, scenes and more.
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Fountain Castle - Talk, Roleplay & Contests
This is a LOTR & The Hobbit forum combining general talk, roleplay and contests. Everyone is welcome! Please click on the topic categories to go into sub-forums that you want to be involved in and to clean things up a bit :) *ACTIVE* *PLEASE JOIN*
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Lord of the ROLEPLAY!
Lord of the Rings fans from acrossed the globe, come together to place themselves into the story. Though this rp will generaly follow the story line... There is always room for a little creativity. Create your own version of The Lord of the Rings with other fans! Canon and OC's welcome!
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The Lord of The Rings RP!
Lord of The Rings Role Play! come and join the fun !
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RP: The rise of the final army
It is the fourth era, Sauron has returned yet again, new people are around, The Nazgul are still a son of a gun to kill, but now possible, and everything is going to heck and back in a hand basket. (This is where the raw material for the fanfiction story will be made, if you would like to join, please come.)
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Lord of the Rings: The New Age
It's a new age after the War of the Ring. King Aragorn's rule, lands prosper, abandoned loyalties are forged a new, and the land of Middle-Earth knows peace. But the lowest caverns of the farthest mountains hold threats long forgotten. If their plans succ
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Upon The Hearth
Welcome to UTH, a brand new Lord of the Rings general forum!
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