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LotR - War of Vengeance
The war never ends in Middle-Earth. The darkness will be always present to balance the light. It is up to you what the outcome will be. Will you serve the Free People and clean the world of darkness? Or do you wish to spread the fear and enslave all races? Pick a side and let's RP.
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Fellowship of the Captured
Role Play! Join in the fun! Create characters and battle monsters. Villians or heros, elves or dwarves, they are all welcome. Come right in and enjoy your stay. (Set after Sauron's defeat)
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The Lord of the Rings: After Frodo's Time
A rebirth of my old Forum that had died. A role play taking place after the fall of Sauron. Despite the fact that the one Ring is destroyed, evil still lurks in the shadows of the land.
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The Hobbit (LOTR): AU Descriptive Rp
We use our imagination and creativity here, fans of Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit.
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A new Age, A new Evil, A new Shadow
The fourth age is upon the people of Middle-Earth. Sauron is no more, the Nazgul and orcs are leaderless...or are they truly? Or is there a new evil with a new face rising up?
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Yet Another LotR Roleplay
Yes, another Lord of the Rings roleplaying forum! I couldn't help it. It takes place after the war of the ring.
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Adventures through out Middle-Earth
Yeah I know the title sucks but just stay with me for a minute. I've decided to make this after seeing that most of the Lotr roleplay forums are dead. This'll take place during the 3rd age of Middle Earth though I'll probably make topics for the 2nd and 1st age. Not all canons need an audition. OCs welcome but no next generation unless it's canon. Sorry.
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lord of the rings rp
This is an English rp! You can create your own character or claim your favorite characters. Good luck!
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One Does Not Simply Fall into Middle Earth
And this is true! For all you peeps who make tenth walkers (you know you do it :P), here is an rp where you can throw in your dearly beloved humanoids who fall out of the sky. Max of 5 Earthlings, preferably 3. Nice mix of comedy, romance and seriousness expected. No prior knowledge of LotR needed if making an Earthling, but at least knowledge of movies required if playing one of the original fellowship. Chaos and hilarity to ensue!
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Lord of the Rings - Next Generation sorta (explanation inside)
The offspring of the characters are in this world, because of a prophecy.
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The Lord of the Rings RP
They thought they were safe. They went off to live their lives as Hobbits and Humans and Elves and Dwarfs. But now, 17 years later, a new threat has come... **ACTIVE RP**
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Lord of the ring: a new journey reviled!
During a time of great war a group of people banded together trying to do what they can unknowingly causing a big ripple in the world but of what kind
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Lotr Role Play
Come play your favorite Characters in this roleplay forum. Or be yourself and talk to the characters.
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LOTR: The Fourth Age
This Role playing forum takes place a short ten years after the close of the Wars of the Ring. Despite this disaster, the forces of Evil have not yet died. There is a certain group, hidden in the most remote corners of Middle Earth, that still believes the Ring to be real. It is a dangerous threat to the Fellowship, headed by Gondor, that will stop at nothing to hunt them down. Further details on the world and it's politics can be found in the "News" forum, which will be updated regularly.
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the Fourth Age
it's been ten year's since the death of king Elessar (Aragorn) and with the recent murder of king Eldarion the reunited kingdom is thrown into chaos and as the chaos continues to spread the wise that remain in middle earth seek hero's to step forward and bring light to the dark forces moving in the shadow's and keep war from breaking out throughout all of middle earth
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Middle-Earth RP
Years after Aragorn has been crowned King of Gondor and the One Ring has been destroyed, everything appeared to be calm a battleless. It seemed as if Good had overruled and driven out the Evil. But, alas. While every Free Person was celebrating their freedom, a wicked and terrifying power had been growing. Year after year; unknown by all. Make or claim a character and join a side - it all depends on you how the story pans out...
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The Fellowship's House of Mary Sues
Come join the Lord of the Rings characters as they discuss, argue and plot against all perfect beings who make it their life to uproot the plots of our favorite heroes. Choose a buddy from the LOTR cast and come on in ,they want you to be their voices . If you choose a character you'll be that character so you should be talking about all the Sues stalking you.
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Seeking 1x1 Literate, Descriptive RP See inside for Details
So, I have recently regained my love of LOTR.. As such, I am looking for a male OR female to do a 1x1 RP with Legolas/OC... I'd prefer it to be long-term and over messenger, but I can also do forum based. I'm looking for someone who is detailed, can *correctly* portray the character, and who is creative enough to help move along a plot. I value other's ideas and would prefer someone who can add to our story without me "carrying" us. The rating can be anywhere from PG to NC-17.. I'm over 18. I am hoping to c
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