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Lorien Legacies RP!
Revamp of my other RP! We are new and improved, and ready to fight some mogs!
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Lorien Legacies Roleplay!
200 years later, after the ten Garde return to Lorien and repopulate, the Mogs are back. This time, the Elders send plenty more Garde than before, due to the results of their old escape. Who are these Garde, and how are they faring? Come in to find out!
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The Newest Numbers
The Lorien have secrets. There was a project set up, long before the Nine were born. Embryo's, frozen in cryostasis, to be awaken only when the time is right. They have been awaken. They have legacies. They don't have Guardians. Which one are you?
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Lorien legacies book discussion
This is a forum to talk about Lorien legacies books up to date. You can also discuss about the upcoming books and find out about release dates and plot descriptions. You can discuss about what you like and do not like about the books.
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Lorien legacies couples
Are you shipping John/Sarah, Sam/Six, Marina/Eight. Then come here to discuss about your favorite couple. More couple options will be added if requested. If you want to be a moderator PM me.
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Lorien Legacies RP
create a character Head into the RP Must post at least 2 times a week
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Lorien Legacies Discussion
Just a place to talk about Lorien Legacies, or whatever really. Have fun!
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They Walk Among Us
They walk among us. Are you one of them? Do you want to help? Are you the ones chasing them?
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Lorien Legacy Stories
A place for Lorien Legacy authors to help one another. Advertise your Beta services or find a Beta reader for your stories. Need help to find new ideas to cure your writers block? Request feedback for your stories or advertise your ideas for stories to other writers if you do not wish to write them.
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Lorien Legacies Roleplay
Lorien Legacies Roleplay.
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Four Girl
What if number four/John was a girl? I haven't seen any fics for this idea yet, but it's fun to imagion!
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Tales From Lorien
This forum is where you can submit ideas for the development of stories in the future. This can range from character ideas(submitted by readers), inheritance of the garde(such as ideas for items within the loric chests), and ideas for new legacies. I appreciate constructive input and want to actively engage readers with the story.
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