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My Maximum Ride SYOC
Sorry guys I had to change this please rewrite your characters!
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Helping the flock
Kids all around the world are helping the flock not through Fang's blog but through the books create an OC recombinant or not to help the flock throughout their journeys to save the world and other extreme sports
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Ashes, Ashes: A Maximum Ride Fanfiction
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Reasons Fang is so annoying at the moment?
If you have any reason to hate Fang right now just post it here.
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Maximum Ride Reviews & Suggestions
This forum is all about reviews of Max Ride fanfiction reviews by me, who happens to be an awesome critic if you ask me, lol.
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Life in the School RP
What if Maximum Ride and her flock didn't exist? You got it right, the School would still be creating recombinant life-forms. That's where this RP comes in!
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Epic Challenge
Are you boss enough for this challenge? Can you handle it?
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Hey this is Ultamania and I have some information about my Ask the Flock fan fic... well after my unexpected Hiatus, my Ask the flock fan fic was deleted, I lost it all so I have no idea what anyone asked or what I answered previous. So here's what I'm going to do. I have just recently made a Tumblr and I'm just going to move my Ask the Flock thread over to tumblr and make it a blog. You can still ask questions, but it'll be a little bit different, better than it is here. So if you Have a tumblr feel free t
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The Average Day of a Lab Experiment
You know that the Flock aren't the ONLY lab experiments on the run... what about the ones the Flock let out in NYC?
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Maximum Ride, the badass seventeen year old, faces problems with her life, and trust doesn't come easily to her. But everything changes when someone special comes. Read and review. It's my first fanfic.
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Maximum Ride To The Max
This is for discussions on the characters, books, and events, or ideas of MR
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For anyone and everyone who wants is pumped to read the beginning of the end! Max Ride is coming to end and the world may be too...
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Maximum Ride Pairings
Fax, Mylan, Miggy, Fella, Fadge, Figgy, and ALL other pairings are welcome! Bash, tell why your pairings is the best, and chat! The only thing I ask is to keep it PG-13 material.
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Maximum Ride RP
Just for Maximum Ride If you want to roleplay an oc character you've created, or even roleplay based on a certain Have
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Maximum Ride FanFiction
Max, human-avian (98% human) bird kid has defeated the Erasers and is now living at peace with her family in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. But Max will soon find out that they are not the only bird kids around...
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It's a complicated story
When Hannah Valdivia helps the flock, she might have put them in more danger than ever. RR
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Maximum Ride challenges
So, i've noticed that almost all the Maximum Ride forums are for roleplaying, and I made this forum for those who don't want to role play. Come here to give challenges, take challenges, find beta readers, and more...
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Broken Glass
When the Flock gets in trouble with some Erasers, a new character steps in to play. Her name is Victoria and she is a successful model in New York City. She had 3 other people in her Flock, but they all dissapeared. What secrets does she hold? And why is she so attached to Angel?
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Ranting on Maximum Ride
Ever feel the need to rant about how JP just...messed up on a bunch of things? About the plot holes popping up in the books? About the lack of personality in any character who is not Max, Fang or Angel? If so, here's the forum you've been looking for!
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The game show
Ask the Flock any question you want!
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More Than Straight
More Than Straight is exactly what it sounds like. basically you can be gay, lesbo, bi, trans,strait, all of that. we do maximum ride roll play, mortal instruments and more (whatever you can think of basically)
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Maximum Ride OC group
Maximum Ride RP. Just have fun and don't be rude to others. Always active
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Looking For missing story CatalystSymbiosis
Looking for the Maximum Ride fanfic Catalyst (and its prequel Symbiosis) that was on FF not long ago. It seems to be taken down, but I'm hoping that someone has seen it elsewhere. It's an awsome story
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Looking for a Story
One of my favorite stories that I had saved in my downloads was called "From the Ashes" it centered around what happened at Himmel and the whole "Rome Wasn't built in a day". Concentrated a lot on Max's pregnancy and Fang trying to find away for him to make amends for leaving. Suddenly the story disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. I've tried GOOGLING it. Not sure if author deleted it in hopes to repost it or what. Hoping someone knows
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