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Maximum Ride: A New Flock
After a covert return, the School is back to their old experiments, meaning a new menagerie of mutants is being brought into the world. These are their stories. Stories of new hybrids, and of a new Flock.
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Venomed Existence
where hannah hates doge and the forum needs to be revamped
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hey discussion about max ride parings. who HATES figgy? I HATE IT! and mari, THEIR BROTHER/SISTER!
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The School of Muntants
A flock of mutants is stuck at the school. Half of them are for staying, half of them are for leaving. Friends become fiends, and siblings become rivals. The ones that want to stay call themselves The Firm. Those that want to escape call themselves The Free. When war wages between the Firm and the Free, who will survive or find themselves torn between sides?
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Maximum Ride Discussion Forum and RP
You can discuss the books and roleplay. Different topics for different books so nobody gets unwanted spoilers.
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It's A Maximum Ride!
A fun place to become the MR characters everyone loves XDDDD
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The Providence Institute For Higher Living
There is a branch of the Institute for Higher Living located in Providence, Rhode Island. Within this lab, there are many experiments. Rumors, carefully kept from the ears of the whitecoats, of a rebellion are rising up. Will they all make it out?
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Maximum Ride: RolePlay
Create a character, and let them loose in the world of Maximum Ride! Are you a mutant who's been running their whole lives, or maybe an ITEX intern or scientist, waiting to see what other creatures you could make? Come pick your side, and roleplay to your hearts desire! Crazy danger may ensue...you've been warned.
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Role Play Till The World Ends!
I got two words for you: ROLE PLAY! Romance/Drama. Rated T.
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The Iggy Fan Club!
Iggy Rocks out loud! He is awesome! I wish I could see a picture of what he looks like, does anyone know where to find one? Please someone say yes...
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Maximum Ride RP
After the legacy left by the Flock, other mutants gained courage and broke out. This is their story.
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The Pack
(Just an FYI, the title has nothing to do with Twilight.) Sorry, but only these users are allowed to roleplay in this forum for saftey reasons (also known as my mom): emsaduem, Emeraldvj, Lily Luna Lestrange III, sheilapuppy, CookieMonster2001, and purplelavenderpony.
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Maximum Ride Roleplay: It's Our Time Now
So, the world has ended. The School has been demolished, and Itex has been overrun by the mutants of the world. Basically all the crap that's been going on has been... well, eliminated doesn't cover it. It's the mutants time to rebuild the Earth that's fit for anyone, be it mutants or animals. Cause all the people are who knows where. Probably dead. But that's just the Circle of Life. *This forum is going to be full of rainbows and happiness!* Ah, go away you pesky voice! Yeah, that's about it, then.
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It's Us Against The World
We're the new 'flock', we're fighting against the scientist to be free forever. OC's only, unless I give special permission.
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Maximum Ride RP:
This is a RP for the Book; Maximum Ride. Anyone is welcome to join. So come and join the mysterious world of, Maximum Ride.
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Ugly Wombats and Sexy Reviews
Ask for reviews and hit people.
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Maximum Ride roleplay. This takes place in none other than New York City,where any and all mutants are called,each being sent an address and time on a manila envelope. Will instinct bring you to the destination,or will logic hold you back?
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Issues with Maximum Ride
In which problems of the fandom will be discussed. Please try to stay on topic!
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Birds of a Feather
They thought that they were the only ones, but this is OUR flock. We do as we want, and we live peacefully... or so we thought...
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The Reformation Alliance
We are the Allies of the Maximum Ride Fandom. We will not judge you on your writing ability or your use of grammar or how well you spell. No matter if you write slash or humor or angst or adventure, all are welcome within our ranks. Our goal is to make
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The Mod Wars
Are you sick of all those MR folks at the top teasing you because you're not a forum moderator? Do you want to edit their posts and start wars you know you'll lose? If so, become a mod here free of charge, no effort required. :D
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Maximum Ride: The Ones Left Behind and rp
We know that Max and the others escaped from The School, but they were'nt the only experiments. What about the ones left behind? Now that they know escape is possible, how will they react?
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Maximum Ride
If you like the Maximum Ride series, this is your place to talk! Besides, i need someone to talk to about the books! None of my friends have read them!
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Let's Fly
Just your basic Maximum Ride role-play. You can claim actual characters from the books or make up your own. My first shot at making a forum topic so let's see if this is good!
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Max Ride and Music
What music do you think best goes with Max ride?
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