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To The Maximum
For all Maximum Ride fans! To talk about anything Max Ride, especially about the stories in To The Maximum the community! All suggestions taken into consideration! Please post!
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Maximum Ride New life in New york
Role play as the flock & made up characters. Mail me for more info! The flock have escaped the whitecoats and have a new life in Canada a small place called Quesnel. Fax and Niggy other relationships with new characters. i suck at summerys XD
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Maximum Fic Challenges
If you are at a writer's block or you just simply enjoy writing and being challenged, come to this forum. Prompts are here available!
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Original Character Maximum Ride Roleplay
Original Character Maximum Ride roleplay forum. PM me for permisson to join.
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Iggy's match?
What do you think iggy's matcn should be? Ella, Nudge, or someone else?
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Maximum Ride
This is for the Maximum Ride readers and writers.
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Mission: Thoughtful
Are you really good at making new and original ideas, but you don't particularly fancy writing? Don't have a good way with words to create the story? In this forum we just post our ideas, and people can apply to use them! You choose who uses them. Of cou
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 9 - Since: 05-11-11 - Admin: Moriarsh
DNA Experiment
The School is experimenting on teens and children everywhere then making you fight to the death in the ashes of what is left of the world. Make your own character and put in your own traits to complete maybe a fighting genetic code.
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If you had wings
What color would you want your wings to be. What powers would you want?
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Maximum Ride RP
The School has been experimenting and this time the flock is in hiding . Will you be the one experiment who stops The School once and for all? Join the Role Playing :Couples allowed but no cursing or profanity! Enjoy and HAVE FUN!
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Hybrid Tribes
Welcome to Paradise, a large island for mutants almost like the one in Nevermore. But here, mutants are in natural danger. The island is perfectly suited for everyone: cliffs, large lakes and a sea, caves, jungles, an underground cavern, and a prairie. They live in tribes that protect them. Paradise is a legend for mutants and everyone dreams of reaching there and being safe from the School and Itex.
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Which flock members are better?
Hey people, I guess this is just an elongated debate over who is the coolest flock member.
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Maximum Roleplay
Starts role-plays here. A couple rules, because I'm such a goody two-shoes. 1 Please, no swearing. It annoys the crap out of me when people dedicate their fanfics to the F-bomb, and I really don't want it repeated. 2 No sexual scenes. I mean, ew I
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Maximum Ride RP
Be a part of this new flock... or be a bad guy! Lame description, I know. But you guys get the idea. MaxRide RP.
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Maximum Ride, the Next Flock Rp
Come make a new flock in the school and help each other escape
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 6 - Since: 12-13-11 - Admin: Dragon Freak 12345
Heya! Come in here for rp! I come on frequently! Warning; I am an extreme grammar Nazi. I do good rps though! Come on in!
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Maximum Ride everything Max
Become part of the flock! In this forum there is role play, predictions, and more! Have Fun!
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shout out to all you Avian American
The bestish Forum to just go crazy and type whatever you want about Faxness and other related subjects, heck you can even tell the world that youMike heart, what do i care
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Maximum Ride Movie
so what do you know so far about the Maximum Ride Movie?
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I am an epic fail writer who can't even come up with a good password, as I have been hacked twice. What can I do to save what little is left of me that has the ability to succeed?
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Maximum Ride RP
About a hundred years has passed since the Flock was killed by Itex. Mutants are made frequently, and live in labs hidden away from the human population. They are are treated horribly. But then, a group of mutants rise up against the whitecoats...
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Maximum Ride RP
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Calling All Mutants
This is a forum made for mutants. "Enhanced" kids. Whatever you want to call yourself. Let's just be ourselves for once. No more hiding our differences. No more being afraid of Erasers tracking us down. There'll be some OCs too... People that are just here for the ride. Playing. That's fine too. But let's make a place where genetic experiments can be accepted!
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Check out imdb! ASAP!
i was on there and randomly searched Maximum Ride, and the Gasman has been announced! personally, i think he makes a pretty good Gazzy.
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Maximum Ride, Next Generation
A new generation of birds kids were created, 7 kids, 3 girls, two boys.
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