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Run, Run Away
RP set in the Maze. You can be a Runner, Slopper, Bagger, or anyone in the Glade. Soon to be added, Scortch Trials RP. Have fun, lest the Grievers come.
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The Glade
Welcome to "The Glade", the very first Maze Runner Forum! Such a great book deserves a forum! Come in and discuss the book and what you think is to come!
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El Laberinto
Bienvenido. Si estás aquí asume que eres especial, importante, diferente. Desde ahora te vigilamos. Desde este momento te despedirás de tu vida pasada, ya no importa. Ahora estás en el Claro. Estos cuatro muros limitarán tu vida, si sales te arrepentirás. El Laberinto te arrebatará la vida.
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Maze runner Roleplay!
Maze runner roleplay.
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The Maze Runner RolePlay!
Welcome to the Glade. You can RP as anything you want, Group A or Group B. Enter the world of W.I.C.K.E.D. and beware the Grievers.
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The Maze Runner Movie
The Maze Runner is being made into a movie. If you have any thoughts on this book-to-film adaption, please share them here!
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Maze Runner Trilogy
Here is the place to talk about anything and everything related to the Maze Runner Trilogy!
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Welcome to the Glade- Maze Runner roleplay
Maze Runner roleplay. Welcome to the Glade and beware of Grievers.
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Maze Runner RP
Maze Runner roleplay, OCs and Canon. Just cuz rp is fun!
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Maze Runner Trilogy RolePlay!
The first Maze Runner Trilogy Role-Play forum! You can make-up your own character, or be one of the characters in the book! TAKES PLACE STILL IN THE GLADE/MAZE
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RolePlay here on this awesome forum! I decided to make this forum because the other one has no topics.
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character deaths
was anyone else upset when their fav charater died? i cried and i NEVER cry in books (except for in the huger games)
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