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The New Maze RP
A splinter-cell of WICKED has set up another Maze in the east. Hoping to finish what they started, but limited on resources, they were forced to combine girls and boys. Everybody will have to work together to survive the deadly Maze. Open to everybody, so please join!
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Maze Runner
Welcome to The Glade. Join as an OC or as a Canon character. Beware of the grievers
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Maze Runner
*ACTIVE 2016 December* Welcome to the glade! A large room filled completely with girls and boys, most younger than 18 years! Challenged with having to live inside the deadliest maze in the world! will they make it out alive? Come and join the best Maze Runner RP out there!
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Maze Runner RP
Join the team.. In maze A or Maze B or possibly Maze C... You decide your future. So come and join in play as your Favorite character or make your own.
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Maze merge: Maze runner RP
This is set 1000 years after the original maze and again there is a maze full of boys and a maze full of girls. But during their third year one wall from each Glade collapses. Find out what happens when the Gladers from both mazes are stood facing each other with their jaws to the floor.
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Icelyn Newton Group A: Modern Day! Maze Runner AU
@Broadwaykid1832 writes Icelynn Newton: Group A The Transfer, this is a RP based on the story and Modern Day! Maze Runner.
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Run, Run Away
RP set in the Maze. You can be a Runner, Slopper, Bagger, or anyone in the Glade. Soon to be added, Scortch Trials RP. Have fun, lest the Grievers come.
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EXO BTS Maze Runner
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The Glade
Welcome to "The Glade", the very first Maze Runner Forum! Such a great book deserves a forum! Come in and discuss the book and what you think is to come!
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The Maze Runner RolePlay!
Welcome to the Glade. You can RP as anything you want, Group A or Group B. Enter the world of W.I.C.K.E.D. and beware the Grievers.
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El Laberinto
Bienvenido. Si estás aquí asume que eres especial, importante, diferente. Desde ahora te vigilamos. Desde este momento te despedirás de tu vida pasada, ya no importa. Ahora estás en el Claro. Estos cuatro muros limitarán tu vida, si sales te arrepentirás. El Laberinto te arrebatará la vida.
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Welcome to The Glade- Maze Runner RP
Maze Runner RP. Submit your OC and join the Gladers. Try to escape the Maze.
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The Maze Runner Movie
The Maze Runner is being made into a movie. If you have any thoughts on this book-to-film adaption, please share them here!
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Maze Runner
Maze Runner roleplay!
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Maze Runner RP
Maze Runner roleplay, OCs and Canon. Just cuz rp is fun!
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Maze Runner! OC Roleplay!
WCKD hoping to replicate the same results with Thomas group, places a new group in the maze, left to the trials of the maze and to the new life in the glade, can anyone succeed the maze a second time? Its up to a new group to succeed or die by the maze, the choice is theirs. (Takes place after the movie, so keep that in mind, no canons for now! )
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From The Maze To The Scorch: FanFiction Challenges
Here is a place to post all your challenges, request story plots and find ones you have lost! Come and discover the secrets of the maze!
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The Glade
Welcome to the Glade! We are active and waiting your arrival! All gladers are allowed to pick and customise yourselves!
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Maze Runner Trilogy
Here is the place to talk about anything and everything related to the Maze Runner Trilogy!
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Maze Runner RP
Just a place for Gladers to RP. Fill out the form to join! Be active!
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TMR Forum
Gladers welcome! Discuss characters, plot theories, ideas and whatever else for both the whole Trilogy and the movie(s) Let's all get bloody inspired.
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character deaths
was anyone else upset when their fav charater died? i cried and i NEVER cry in books (except for in the huger games)
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Love For Newt
Newt finds someone who can understand him but can he trust her
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Maze Runner RP
Welcome to the Glade shanks! Join as a canon character or an OC. Beware of the grievers.
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Maze Runner!
Love maze runner!
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