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Mediator Discussion and RPG!
For those out their who love the Mediator series come and discuss everything you love from it or come and play a game with us! Everything's Mediator here! This is for all of you who are truley obsessed with the best series ever!
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The Jesse Obsessed Mediator Forum
Mediator books - awesome. Jesse - awesome. So why not come here at the Mediator Forum? Yeah, We SO kick Ghost butt. Mediator is the key to the other world, I'm turning it inside the lock, and inaugrating the best Mediator forum EVERRRR!
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Reunited and it Feels SO Good
Because it's about damn time us Oldies reunited. Contest time!
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The mediator role playing for everyone interested
hiya, this is a forum for the mediator books, Role Playing. Choose your characters by PM or just posting on it. Just join if you want to, need as many people as possible!
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Simon Says: It's Award Time
This is your chance to nominate your favourite authors, favourite fics, best reviewers... and many more. Use your vote wisely!
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Mediator Music
Ok do you ever here a song and think that it fits so perfectly with the mediator seris. I do. So write what songs you think fit in here.
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This forum is for all of the Mediator fans. For those of you who don't know what mediator is, it's a book written by Meg Cabot about a girl who can interact with the dead. Or ghosts. She meets a ghost guy when she moves to Carmel, CA with her mother and b
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Mediator Madness!
just a place to talk about all things mediatorish! no bad language or insults or watteva please!
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Mediator Writing
Talk about the series, talk about your fanfiction, talk about other people's fanfiction. :P Have fun and be odd.
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Your Place to Say Anything & Everything About 'The
Here is where you can completely let loose, and express all your feelings about 'The Mediator.' Anything from Jesse and Suze, to ghosts and separate dimensions. Also, see what your fellow Mediatorlovers have to say about it all.
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Like a candle in the dark
Because behind every grave, there is a ghost with a tale.
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hello there, the angel from my nightmare
random mediator chat.
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Mediator RPG
Title explains it all....
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Twlight: Before, during and after
Your feelings and thoughts about Twilight and what could have happened or not have happened. What should happen after the final sentence?
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Great Stories
There are great fics out there based on the Mediator, but sometimes they are hard to find. So here is a forum where you can tell everyone about your favorite fics and have fun!
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Discussion of the book series Mediator, plus games!
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The mediator THE MOVIE!
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The Monthly Mediator Writing Challenge!
Are you desperate to write, but you can never get the ideas flowing? This is the place for you. Every month we'll present you with a new theme for a Mediator oneshot! Entries will be judged and winners will receive Mediator graphic prizes. Start Jan 08
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Mediator Fanfiction Annoyances
Have a personal pet peeve about some Mediator fan fiction cliches? Let your voice be heard! Just feelin' peeved off at that moment in time and need to vent? We welcome you with open arms! Allow your anger to become our entertainment.
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Suze's wedding dress for Finally by windedeagle re
i have narrowed it down to three dresses for suze.....come and vote for ur favorite!
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