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Heros witnessed
In this forum there are humans and these Humans have discovered the super heros and witnesssed them finding there powers but the heros after then have gone into a kind of hiding but you can be hero, human or both in this secret hiding of the witnessed heroes.
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Michael Vey: The Strike
Let your imagination strike in this new Michael Vey forum RPG!
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Michael Vey: Alternate Prisoner of Cell 25
Michael Vey seems like a normal teenager, but there's something about him that nobody knows. He has electric powers, and it's about to get crazy.
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Michael Vey: Return of the Elgen
*Do NOT read this is you haven’t read the full series of Michael Vey.* This story takes place one month after book 7, when Michael, Taylor, and Ostin return to Meridian High. What the electroclan doesn’t know is that the Elgen are still out there, seeking for revenge.
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