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Monster High Roleplay!
Want to roleplay?then join us. "Be unique,be yourself,be a monster."
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A Very Monster High Role Play
Have a monster Oc or want to have a fun Rp? Join in this Monster High RP... Anyone can post a new topic...the fight night just got fabulous
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Monster High Crossover
Ever wanna have a boyfriend from Ouran Academy? Or get bitten by a Vampire Knight? How 'bout learning to do alchemy? Welcome to Monster High Crossover!
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Monster High Celebrities and Monster Middle RP
This is where you can make monster versons of all the famous people and celebrities in the world and then role play with them. And you can also use the monster OC's that won monster high got talent in this forum. You can also RP in a middle school filled
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The Spooktacular Monster High Forum
Because you just KNOW we need one. Discussions, theories, pairings, OC's, roleplaying, whatever... Have fun!
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Monster High Forum
I didn't see a forum for this so I made one! So here it is! A Monster High Forum!
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Monster High Slash
We need some M or T rated Slasky goodness come on u know u want salash paring with Deuce he desvres better then that BITCH Cleo.
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Monster High Next Generation
Be the child of one of the orginal Monster High students. Follow in the foot steps of one or both parents
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Always been there for you
When Frankie found out about Holt and Jackson being the same person, Frankie knew she had to pick one of them.. she didn't want to disappoint both of them but she knew who she wanted to pick, the manster that's been with her since they first met.
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