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Morganville Vampires RP :)
Welcome to My Morganville Vampires RP :)
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Morganville Vampires Role Play
Morganville Vampires roleplay set in Bitter Blood. Invite only. PM the admin if you want to join.
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Morganville Vampires RP!
A Morganville Vampires roleplay! All are welcome. Most canon characters currently open! *ACTIVE*
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For Those Who Love Myrnin
A forum to discuss everyone's favorite mad scientist, Myrnin! Includes Clyrnin subtopic for those who are interested, as well as a topic for Myrnin-related spoilers and one for the great Myrnin vs Shane debate.
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Random Morganville Roleplay
This is a random roleplay for morganville. Please feel free to join in
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Morganville Role Play
Well, this is my first forum, trying to see how it works, please join freely. And enjoy, because this is Morganville- our own way :D
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Morganville Vampires Roleplay
A roleplay for all Morganville Vampire readers! Come and join the fun. You'll never want to leave. Even if you want to... well you won't.
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Morganville Vampires RP
This is my Morganville RP cos I am kinda aa huge fan of the series and love the series and books :D Join and have fun.
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The Lab of Morganville
Everything you could ever want from a forum about MV
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Morganville stuff
Chat bout Morganville.
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Morganville Vampire Role Play
Come be any of your favourite characters or create your own. Can discuss about the books or characters if you want :3
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Morganville Vampires Role Plays
The title says it all ! Its role plays about MV . This is my first forum so it might be bad ! :
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Morganville Vampires RP
Rp as the canons or create your own character and rp with your OC
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Character pick and role play
Pick a character and think up a plot or make your own role play and character pick
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Morganville Vampire RP! Plzz join!
So this is my new Morganville Vampire roleplay forum. First come first serve when it comes to cannon characters so please hurry.
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morganville VS the world
talk about morganville vampires vs anyone alians, zombies or any fanfic story about wars with morganville charactures
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My Morganville Stories
A place to talk about my Morganville Vampire fanfiction stories. WARNING: Will contain spoliers so beware! Mwahahahahaha
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Come and advertise your stories!
Come and advertise your stories and get more views! This room has no limits, anything you want to chat about, say it! Anything about morganville is welcome!
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SIGNED 18 Morganville Vampires by RACHEL CAINE
6/11/10 - I have SIGNED editions of books 1 to 8 of the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine available on ebay to buy, but they're only there for a week so if you're interested get in there fast and take a look!Or message me for more details/to dis
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The Death of Claire
Claire is a beacon for trouble. How will facing Bishop change her life forever.
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Enemies & Friends
*After Black Dawn* Claire finds out Shane cheating on her when she gets home from work and she runs away. Fifteen years later she returns back by force/free will and to help on a new war where her heart must decide who to help. First fanfic and plzz read and comment!
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Pleading Cry Contest
In my Clyrnin story Pleading Cry I have a contest running so if you wish to enter then please Review or PM this filled out form to me.
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Morganville vampires RP
role play for the Morganville Vampires :)
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The End
For those who are royally pissed off about how the Morganville Vampires series ended, here's your place to vent!
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