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Mortal Intruments RP
Title says it all. You can either be one of the originals or create your own : All species are excepted even those not in the books. This forum is rated M
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mortal instruments rp :P new
this is a motral instruments rp come make a charcter annd help solve the mystery !
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Shadow world across time
Role play in any century you choose, weather it be partaking in the Mortal war or the Dark war, or back in London during the Victorian period against the evil Mortain's automaton army, or back to where it all begun; fighting beside Jonathan Shadowhunter; as one of the first of many. Or you may step into the present, as the new generation facing the wrath of the Unseelie King and the threatening of the Consort may destroy everything. Be any race you want, it matters not; there is no escape.
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City of Heavenly Fangirls
Fangirls/fanboys, Shadowhunters, Angels, Downworlders and the occasional Demon are welcome here. Promote quality TMI fics, chat, fangirl and spam!
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Idris: el hogar de los cazadores de sombras
Bienvenidos nephilims y subterráneos a este foro sobre el mundo de Cazadores de sombras. Aquí encontrarás retos, juegos y gente apasionada como tú. ¿A qué esperas para entrar?
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Rebels and Demons
Asmodeus, King of Demons and the Lord of Wrath and Lust, is building an army, one with which he intends to attack Heaven itself with. If he succeeds, the angels will fall, and Heaven will burn. Only we can stop him. Are you with us?
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The Mortal Instruments Roleplay
Roleplay for any fans of the Mortal Instruments, of the Infernal Devices. RP as a human, a shadowhunter, a vampire, a mage, a werewolf etc. Own characters or Official characters welcomed.
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The Institute
Come here for all things Mortal Instruments! Here you can role play and be your favorite characters or make your own! If you don't like role playing that's okay. You can just talk about the series too!
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Mortal Instruments Role Play
This role play is going to take place after City of Lost Souls, come and play your favorite cannon or make your own character.
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Mortal Instruments rp:)
An rp based on City of Bones-City of Glass! Be your favorite character or make and OC and add them into the story :)
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Mortal Instruments RP: A New Dawn
With a rise in a new evil, Shadowhunters from around the world have all gathered in the New York Institute. This new threat is intent on creating a new world, Shadowhunter free. Enter the dark and sexy world of the Shadowhunters. All OC's, set after the Mortal Instruments series. ACTIVE
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The Chicago Institute
Tucked into the center of the United States, Shadowhunters and Downworlders clash in the great city of Chicago. Join and RP as your very own Shadowhunter, Downworlder, or even demon.
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mortal instruments the movie
hey! Ok, so they're not making a movie yet, but just so were ready when/if they make one come on this forum and suggest posible directors actors etc
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The Father's Farm
Taking place in an alternate universe, on a large piece of land in the far reaches of the Australian Outback, a werewolf has decided to make his home. This man is no ordinary man, however. He lives with an abundance of wives for one thing. He follows a strange faith, and raises his children to see him as a supreme being. For the boys, this is a world where only the Alphas survive, for the girls, they are prized for their ability to breed and expected to do so. Warnings for Incest & Non-Con
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Mortal Instruments Roleplay
Be a character from the book or create your own and have fun.
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The LA Institute
In the angel city, Shadowhunters combat the demon hordes. From the street of downtown L.A. to the Hollywood sign, Nephilim protect this city from the darkness that threats to consume this city of angels. Join the fight as a Shadowhunter, demon, Downworlder, even a mundane. Pulvis et umbra sumus.
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Mortal Instruments Roleplay
Mortal Instruments Roleplay! Come in as an OC or canon character and enjoy the fun.
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Idris's Shadowhunter Academy
Create your own OC to attend the newly made Shadowhunter Academy in Idris to train, learn, and kick some demons butts.
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Shadowhunter Roleplay
Invite only. (Closed!)
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ShadowHunter Hide Out
For anyone who is a fan of the 'Mortal Intruments Trilogy', about all of are fav. character, Jace, Clary, Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, Simon, Luke, and for my sister who loves him Valentine...
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The Shadowhunter Chronicles Roleplay
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Mortal Instruments Roleplay
This is new, and is modded by mi amiga
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City of Chaos and Eternal Night RP
The streets of New York are dangerous even for Shadowhunters. With a new enemy on the horizon and a new mystery to solve, the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders of the city must find a way to come together to defend everything they hold dear before it's too late. Roleplay, ope to canons and OCs!
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Shadow Over New York
You may think that New York City is ordinary, but from the words of those who witness, everything is not what it seems. [OCS ONLY]
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The Mortal Instruments Forum
Available in HD. 8D
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