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Mortal Instruments Role Play
This is a Mortal Instruments Role Play, that takes place after the City of Ash. OC's must be accepted
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Mortal Instruments
Here's where you can ship, discuss, debate, or chat about Cassandra Clare's awesome series. Enjoy!
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The London Institute
Original roleplay; the Ravenscar family run the London Institute and have done since the 1990's, there is a prophecy which cloaks the family in mystery, that forces the Silent Brothers, Iron Sisters and Centurions to stand guard 24/7. *Open since March 2017 - In English*
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Mortal Instruments Role Play
Just as the title says: A role play for the Mortal Instruments. Play a canon character or create an OC.
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The Mortal Instruments: City of Desolation
Post COHF; AU. After Clary Fray refused to rule alongside her brother Sebastian, she was enslaved and her friends killed as he desolated Earth and began a slaughter the likes of which the world had never seen. Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike were forced to flee and hide from his Endarkened forces. Alicante fell. The Wards were destroyed. Demons now freely roam the realms. With no one left to protect the Mundanes, Chaos now rules. But there are still those who resist. Are you one of them? OCs only.
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Mortal Intruments RP
Roleplay in the world full of mysterious warlocks, beautiful vampires, impish fairies and demonslaying shadowhunters...
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This World Inverted
Imagine a world where all the story's are true. Do you fight for what is right? Do you carve your own path? Or do you conform to the morals of others? In the Mortal Instruments you will face that question everyday as you fight to save the Shadow world. Can you succeed or will you perish trying
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The Mortal Instruments OC Role-play
This is a TMI RP for primarily OC's, if you have not read or seen TMI, you can still join, just read the species requirements and you should be fine. Cannon characters can be added to the RP, but only a few and they will be minor characters. Lastly, this is a literate rp, so make sure to use proper grammar and spelling, also avoid all types of text talk unless in the chat room. Please join!
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Thoughts on Everyone's Favorite Series
Heeey! Who's your favorite pairing? Does the whole brother sister love thing creep you out? Do you think Clary should end up with someone completely different? How about JACE? He's super hot, and super in love with his sister. Weird, if you ask me. Enjoy!
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The Mundie Awards
Where you can nominate the fics that make you want to go 8D. Also, we have a shirtless Jace. What does your forum have?
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Mortal Instruments Fanatics!
Hey! So this is for all of you out there, who love to fangirl over Jace and Simon, and ship MagnusAlec like there's no tomorrow! Come here to bicker over who's more kickass between Isabelle and Maia, and to just generally love this amazing series! Come al
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Talk about your fav Warlock and Shadowhunter here!
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Apparently theres a FOURTH book coming out! Can you believe that?
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Official Cast, Book Updates, and Releases
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The Mortal Instruments Kindergarten (RP)
Make a kindergarten character based on a canon character or make your own OCs. Add teachers if you want! Come join our RP!
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The 2010 The Mortal Instruments Fanfiction Awards!
Ever read a really great “The Mortal Instruments” story that you thought deserved a little recognition? Well, now you can finally reward your favorite stories by voting for them in the Fanfiction Awards. NOW OPEN FOR 2010 : Noms ends March 3rd
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TMI in highschool
*All human* this is just where they all go to highschool in New york. that's it really. anything can happen (within limits of course) you can make a character or use someone from the book. they can be in any club or sport. so uh...ya.
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Mortal Instruments FANCLUB!
This forum will update you with all new mortal instruments news, sneak peeks, stuff about the movie and books, and is a place to freely chat about stuff, not an rp!
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Mortal Instuments Roleplay
Mortal Instruments RPG that takes place after the series.
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Remind Me: Who Am I, Again?
An RP forum with a twist - the canon characters have forgotten who they are. Complete plotline inside. OCs welcome, as well as canon claim. Currently, no canon characters have been claimed!
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Fallen Angels, Next Generation RP
Everyone has returned to the Institute after the war. And new trainers are needed for the next generation of ShadowHunters. Fallen angels and creatures of the night, as well as any others are welcome to come and become part of this. Become part of the next generation.
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Magnus&Alec Sitting In a Tree: You know the rest
Please feel free to talk all about Magnus & Alec here! They are the cutest couple ever!
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Hunters & Demons
Hace mil años, el ángel Raziel mezcló su sangre con la de los humanos; desde entonces cazadores de sombras, demonios y subterráneos libran una batalla por el equilibrio más allá de los ojos mundanos. En un mundo de sombras y magia, se bienvenido a Idris.
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Berlin Institute
Welcome to the Berlin Institute where anything can happen, and usually does.
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The Shadowhunter Academy
Ever since Jonathan and the events he caused, the Shadowhunter Academy has opened back up, inviting promising young talent to train to become a Shadowhunter or an even better Shadowhunter. This where these student stories lie, as well as the start of another dangerous story.
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