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Become a Shadowhunter, Faerie, Mundane, and the other species! Takes place during Lady Midnight, Canon characters accepted!
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Driving Myself Insane: Want City of Lost Souls Out
I am justing DYING to read City of Lost Souls. I love this series, and if anyone wants to discuss the up-coming books/s or anything about the series - join up!
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City of Broken Glass
Create a new character to RP in the beautiful modern city of New York, twelve years after Mortal Instruments! Fairies, vampires, werewolves, Nephilim, warlocks, and shapeshifters all welcome!
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Mortal Instruments Daily Challenges
Post different challenges about The Mortal Instruments for others as well as yourself to try. Have fun and can't wait to see your answers! No spam or spoilers please
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World of Shadows
RP in the Shadowhunter World. Many years before Valentine was born a different group of Shadowhunters faced a different threat. OC's only.
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The Mortal Instruments RP
Anyone can join, and create any character, become any character from the series or just read.
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The Clave
Welcome Shadowhunters of all ages. This forum is a place for writing, Chatting, and competition. Each Insitute will gain points by submitting pieces of writing based off of prompts that are given biweekly. We love new People! Feel Free to Join! Note: This is not a Role Play Forum, It is a place in which fans of the Mortal Instruments can write and gain any inspiration needed. :) (Format created by DaughterofHypnos for CHB)
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Thoughts For 'City Of Glass'
What do you think is going to happen in the final book of the trilogy? Who else thinks Clary and Jace can't possibly turn out to be related, and what did Valentine do to them? Etc. General guessing at the plot of the next book, and discussion on what *sho
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Mortal Instruments fic challenges
This is where you can post ideas that you would like someone to create into a story, or if you're looking for that right challenge to get you going on the keyboard for hours! Either way, you can find it here
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Mortal Instruments Challenges
It's about time for some TMI challenges, no? Feel free to submit or suggest any challenges or contests here!
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TMI IdeasRequests
Just a place to chat it up abotu my story, or really about Mortal Instruments. I would like some story ideas and I am taking requests for songfics. Any chara/pairing, Any song, and I will do yaoi/yuri if requested.
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Malec randomness
Just everything and anything about Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane. I do not own the Mortal Instruments and/or any of the characters
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The Mortal Instruments
A Forum about the AMAZIG Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare!
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Clary and Jace Fanfiction Topics
Hey everyone I love Jace/Clary stories. I have a few storylines my favs all with angst of Jace and Clary! Either she forgets Jace, Clary is raised by Valentine at birth or after forgetting , Jace POVs are the greatest! I have a few storylines I'd love to
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Not living without you
Clary , Jace , Isabelle and simon go hunting and something bad happens. terrible summary i know. one-shot
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Mortal Instruments Challenge Forum
A place to create challenges, competitions, and whatever else your heart desires for everyone's favorite series!
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City of Fallen Angels
After they return to New York what would clary do if she found Jace cheating on her.Its my first fan fiction so please go easy on me. Thx plz read
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Calling all felow Malec lovers! :D
Well, It's been awhile since I've been onhere and a'chatin, so I thought, what better way to make a comeback than a Malec Competition. You can submit new stories or old. But they must be One or two shots and include the topic of ... Chairman Meow. Som
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Losing Jace, Gaining Will
What happens when Jace fakes his on death and clary goes in to depression and the only one to help her is Will herondale. YES the WILL HERONDALE. well read to find out
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Mortal Instruments debating
Welcome fellow Mortal Instruments fans. I sort of love arguing about things, so please share your opinions and/or concerns with any of the books and anyone is welcome to join in discussion :
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Join the competition. Applications close 2nd July so join ASAP!
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Covenant RP
Hey, so.. In this forum you can RP, advertise stories, Create OC's that are Fair Folk, Children of the moon, Vampires, Mundane, Nephilim... Anything! hahahaahah. So.. Come try it out!
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Idris Preparatory School
Young adolescents of any species who have been exposed to the world of Shadowhunters, join us as we spread the word around. It is now official that all Downworlders are now invited to assemble with our fellow student Shadowhunters!
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Finding a Fanfic
Hey, I need major help finding this amazing fanfiction that I read a while ago! I forgot the title of the fanfic, but I do remember that it was a one-shot. Summary: Jace dies and Clary was extremely upset, she then creates a rune so that she could see his ghost. When she draws the rune on her arm, Jace's ghost appears and tells Clary that she shouldn't dwell on his death, but continue to live her life; and in the end of the fanfiction, he tells her that she is pregnant.
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City of Ashtrid- my version of city of bones
My Version of City Of Bones- Jace,Isabelle,and Alec live in the institute with Ashtrid Nightstone a young Shadowhunter who arrived when she was 7 (she's the same age as Isabelle) and has grown up with The Lightwoods as her adoptive parents since she was 12 when her parents died, then Clary Fray arrives at the institute half dead and things turn from there.If you are intending to read TMI this is set in City Of Bones time, so not to worry about any spoilers from any book but City Of Bones. i suck at summarie
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