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City of Ashtrid- my version of city of bones
My Version of City Of Bones- Jace,Isabelle,and Alec live in the institute with Ashtrid Nightstone a young Shadowhunter who arrived when she was 7 (she's the same age as Isabelle) and has grown up with The Lightwoods as her adoptive parents since she was 12 when her parents died, then Clary Fray arrives at the institute half dead and things turn from there.If you are intending to read TMI this is set in City Of Bones time, so not to worry about any spoilers from any book but City Of Bones. i suck at summarie
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Malec Shippers
Just talk about Malec
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Anything TMI, TID, TDA, TLH, etc... It's all here! These are the stories that make you cry, bleed, have a feels attack, suffer from too much happiness and are just amazing.
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A New Story
Creating a new story, finding true love, making new friends, finding your destiny. This is what it is all about. You can make up your own character and be what ever species you want to be.
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Clarissa and jonothan were both kidnapped and abused when they were kids. when they were saved they seperated. 11 years later both have changed there names and go to the same highschool but do they remember each other. what will clarys older brother jon think of his little sisters liking to his new best friend
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Magnus Raises Clary
Jocelyn asked Magnus to raise Clary as his own daughter.But to keep her safe from Valentine he has to do the blood bond with Clary.So when she was 1 years old he had to do the blood bond and it made Clary half warlock and half shadowhunter.But what happens when a certain group of shadowhunters comes into Clary's life.Will she fall in love?Will Valentine find Clary?What will happen?
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The start of Fame
Alec Lightwood is a big artist known for multiple top selling albums, but what happens when he meets an up and coming designer? Will things make their lives difficult or it be a success?
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Mortal Instruments Discussions
This is a place to rant about ships, roleplay, or discuss good fanfictions you've found and want to share all about TMI.
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Talk about clace
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The Mortal Instruments Au
{Active} I'm new this and still learning about it, here we can create stories.
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All things Cassandra Clare
to talk about all things Cassandra Clare; books, events, etc. . .
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shadow hunter forever
en este foro podrás conocer a otros fans de las sagas de cazadores de sombras y participar en increíbles retos como una comunidad! adelante únete!
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ShadowHunters Ideas Page
This forum will be where you can express all of your ideas about what you would like to be in a FanFic for the Shadow hunters.
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Shadow Hunter
So if your personality suit the picture shown or you like shadow hunters join me and this forum
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