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This World Inverted
Imagine a world where all the story's are true. Do you fight for what is right? Do you carve your own path? Or do you conform to the morals of others? In the Mortal Instruments you will face that question everyday as you fight to save the Shadow world. Can you succeed or will you perish trying
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A Boarding School Academy For Different Species
You can play a OC in a boarding school/academy. You will make friends, learn key skills, and develop in life!
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Angels and Demons Academy
This is no ordinary school in New York. Mundanes think it's some snobbish private school for the rich, but it's not. There are secrets behind these prestigious platinum walls. Welcome...to Angels and Demons Academy. *CLOSED*
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Fly The Flags Once More For Us - A Mortal Instruments Next Gen
*Set after The Mortal Instruments* It has been years since Valentine and Jonathan perished, but what happened to the teenagers from The Mortal Instruments? Roleplay - looking for people and mods!
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City of London
Current daily life for the Shadowhunters and Downworlders in the lovely city of London. Closed RP.
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Mortal Instruments RP
This is a new Mortal instruments rp. You can play as your favorite character or make up your own. NO SPAM
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New York: City of Nephilim
Our universe is different than the books you've read. A lot of the canon characters still exist, and some are even alive in our world who perished in canon. But this story isn't really about them. It isn't about the differences in our worlds. It is a story about my friends. And their crazy, irregular, unorthodox lives. Where the taboo becomes ordinary and the nights are extraordinary. Rated T for Totally Awesome!
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The Circle's Clave
Imagine a roleplay where you have a say in what happens. An Alternate Universe where everyone is accepted and welcome. A venue to express yourself, whoever yourself might be. A group of friends who'll remind you of all there is to love in The Mortal Instruments fandom. Keep an open mind and check us out. We may have some of the craziest plot lines and outlandish ships, but also the most heart. Each new member has something to teach us. So, come show us what you'll bring to the table with The Circle's Clave!
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The Fall of the Clave
It's about to begin. Five years after City of Lost Souls, Sebastian/Jonathan has decided that he's going to bring down the Clave with his army of dark Nephilim and to eliminate Downworlders. What will you choose? Will you side with the Nephilim, or with Jonathan? Canon/OC roleplay. OPEN CANONS! OPEN TO ALL! :3
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City of Bones: Are You Up To The Challenge?
There is a world that lies within our own, filled with demons, werewolves, vampires and Shadowhunters. Which one are you? And which path will you take?
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The Mortal Institution
Come on in and Roleplay for the Mortal Instruments series. Create OC's and let's see where this goes.
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World of the Nephilim
The world isn't as normal as it seems. Underneath the haze of normality the supernatural strive. Demons, Downworlders, Nephilim and Angels, all these exist in the world, hidden from the prying eyes of the Mundane. Be you Warlock, Wolf or Vampire. Mundane or of the fae. Join the fight of hell and heaven, a restless battle that never ceases, spanning over centuries. Are you one of us? (TMI & TID)
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The Mortal Instruments
Will not be in Danish Welcome to the city of bones join Clary and the gang on all there adventures starts in the first book good luck
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Upworld, Downworld
OC-centric forum where the worlds of the mundane, the Nephilim and the Downworlders collide. Chroniel, Angel of Time, is meddling with the threads that bind together the multiverse. Who will be able to put a stop to her machinations before the fate of all Creation is altered forever?
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The Institute
Come here for all things Mortal Instruments! Here you can role play and be your favorite characters or make your own! If you don't like role playing that's okay. You can just talk about the series too!
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A Hidden World
A Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices roleplay forum
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Mortal Instruments Role Play
This role play is going to take place after City of Lost Souls, come and play your favorite cannon or make your own character.
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Mortal Instruments RP: A New Dawn
With a rise in a new evil, Shadowhunters from around the world have all gathered in the New York Institute. This new threat is intent on creating a new world, Shadowhunter free. Enter the dark and sexy world of the Shadowhunters. All OC's, set after the Mortal Instruments series. ACTIVE
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The Chicago Institute
Tucked into the center of the United States, Shadowhunters and Downworlders clash in the great city of Chicago. Join and RP as your very own Shadowhunter, Downworlder, or even demon.
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The Father's Farm
Taking place in an alternate universe, on a large piece of land in the far reaches of the Australian Outback, a werewolf has decided to make his home. This man is no ordinary man, however. He lives with an abundance of wives for one thing. He follows a strange faith, and raises his children to see him as a supreme being. For the boys, this is a world where only the Alphas survive, for the girls, they are prized for their ability to breed and expected to do so. Warnings for Incest & Non-Con
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Idris's Shadowhunter Academy
Create your own OC to attend the newly made Shadowhunter Academy in Idris to train, learn, and kick some demons butts.
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City of Chaos and Eternal Night RP
The streets of New York are dangerous even for Shadowhunters. With a new enemy on the horizon and a new mystery to solve, the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders of the city must find a way to come together to defend everything they hold dear before it's too late. Roleplay, ope to canons and OCs!
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Send Help
Welcome, Shadowhunters, Downworldes, and demons alike! Send in your OC's for a chance to adventure through grueling tasks, strange plots, and maybe even save the world once or twice.
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The London Institute
Original roleplay; the Ravenscar family run the London Institute and have done since the 1990's, there is a prophecy which cloaks the family in mystery, that forces the Silent Brothers, Iron Sisters and Centurions to stand guard 24/7. *Open since March 2017 - In English*
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My Mortal Instruments Roleplay!
Hey this is a Mortal Instruments roleplay. I'm gonna be weird and say existing characters only. i am Clary, of course. i need a good Jace and a good Sebastian (Clary Jace and Sebastian are my favorite characters.) I will need everyone else. I have a list of characters.
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