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Night World Roleplay!
Title says all. Come and RP! You don't have to be a species from the series. Any supernatural creature is accepted. Warning: This forum is rated M.
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Night World Role-Play
Welcome to the Night world Role Play RP as your favorite characters from the books or make your own! Rated T
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Nightworld: The next generation
This is where you can make the children of all the characters. you can use some of the soulmate pairs, the side characters who you think would make good pairs, or your own character to be the parents. unlimited oc's, have fun!
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Night World Roleplay
The Night World is full of mysteries and darkness. Join in as a shifter, vampire, witch, or any other creature of your creation. Based on the Night World series by L.J. Smith. P.M. if interested in joining.
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Night World Roleplay
A forum for anyone to join and roleplay either with an already existing Night World character or their own character. Please join and have fun! - Hearts of Pyjamas Ash x
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Night World Roleplay
No time period, please join I really wanna make friends/RPing people...
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My Forum
only Dawnfrost96 can enter...
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Night World RolePlay
This is a Night World Roleplay made for people who enjoy roleplaying and the Night World books. Anyone can join!
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Night World OC Roleplay!
Create your own character and join in the roleplay! :D
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Life as a Daybreaker RP
Come roleplay as a canon or make your own OC! New roleplay for a new year with all the daybreakers:
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Private schoool for circle daybreak kids
Roleplaying for children after the apocolypes at a school in Seattle.
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Night world RP
I wanna finaly be able to be in one so im making one. im new at this so level with me:
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Night World RP
This is a role play of your own Night World characters in an awesome new world! For those who aren't able to make it in to an RP because it's already started, or to those who just want to join another one!
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Night World RP
basically an rp for those who like to rp. you can play as one of the characters from the book or create your own oc :D
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Welcome to Night World RP!
come and be part of the night world or just discuss the books..
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Into The Night
Everyone loves the Night World books. Come here to discuss this amazing series of books, and meet a bunch of new people while you're at it!
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Which LJSmith guy is overall best? Which is Worst?
Read the title, Dummy. Oh, and it doesnt have to be from Nightworld. Use Dark Visions, Forbidden Game, Vampire Diaries, Severet Circle or ANY L.J.Smith dude. Again... title.
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Whats your favorite character from the series? and
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Night World ROLE PLAY hahhaha
the name must say it all I think...pretty sure. Oc can come too.
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Nightworld Role Play
Create your own OC's and play along! :
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Night World Roleplay
Come roleplay into the lives of the Night Worlders! Be a regular character or make up your own! All are welcome!
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Night World Roleplay
A place to roleplay, and discuss the books. Plot WILL be included.
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Night World Role Play FILAD
Role Play about Night World! Any Night World Characters or create your own!
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Night World Role Playing
A place to role play for the NW series. If you want to join, just ask! If you wnat a new topic, just ask! Any questions, Just ask! I'm your friend, so dont be afriad to... JUST ASK!
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Night World Role Play
Come on in, create your character, claim a character,and let the role playing begin!
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