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Noughts and Crosses
Welcome to my Noughts and Crosses forum! Here you can enjoy role-playing, while advertising your Noughts and Crosses stories. We will hold award shows once every month!
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Noughts and Crosses Forum
Anything you want to talk about related to Noughts and Crosses.
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Noughts & Crosses Discussion
Discuss anything you like about Noughts & Crosses here!From what you would like to have happened to relationships....
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First forum 8D
There was only one fanfiction when I looked. Now there's two. IT LYK DUBBLED IN SYZ YO.
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Elephants Rock
My friends only! Please do not come on here, it is strictly private. You know if your my friend so yeh if your not i repeat go go go go go away!
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Noughts and Crosses
..this is my 1st attempt at making a forum thingy. uuuh and i was wndren wot othr ppl thought about noughts and crosses..... uuuh soooo yeh. i like noughts and crosses its a rly gd series.
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