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The Outsiders RP
One year after all of the problems that faced the gang. Now there are new greasers and socs, and of course, new problems. Come create your OC or pick a Canon and RP in Pony's world. Dally and Johnny are alive, and Sandy's baby is Soda's, she did not cheat on him. *ACTIVE*
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The Outsiders RP
If you're an Outsiders fan, you've come to the right place! Come play as your favorite soc or greaser and rewrite the story the way you wish it would have ended! This takes place after the book but Johnny and Dally didn't die and Sandy's baby was Soda's so she never cheated on him. You can also create an OC! Just jump in and enjoy :)
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The Outsiders: The story of the Underdogs
We all know the story now lets make it our own. OCs welcome and everyone is alive. Let's get creative and have some fun!
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Outsiders Rp
Ocs are accepted :) All characters are alive in this.
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Rant and Rave
Talk about what you dislike in the Outsiders movie, book, and fanfics. The socs. Dally and Johnny's deaths. How the stories are written. Anything.
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The Dingo
This is the place for all Outsiders fans to hang out. Share stories, host contests, rpg, play games. This is the place to chill and get to know each other. Talk about whatever you want - your favorite bands, TV shows and movies or anything else at all.
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Realism and Accuracy
So, you think you know everything about everything? Neither do I! Here's a place for us to help each other out. Come here if you are seeking knowledge for your story, or sharing what you knowthink. Doesn't have to be Outsiders related.
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So, what do you guys think of Darry?
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Obbsessed With The Outsiders
If you are obbsessed with the Outsiders and love to talk about them then come here.
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Soda's forum!
This is a forum for everyone who loves Sodapop! You can talk about anything that has to do with him! Have fun!
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Pet Peeves
Issues you have with Outsiders fanfiction, like MarySues, couples, etc...
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The Outsiders Play pen: Slash discussion
Come here and talk about anything to do with Outsiders Slash! Everyone is welcome just stop by and share your intrest about Outsiders with users who share your love of slash!
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Absurd oddities in this dumb story and other dumb
Yes i dislike this book, like i've proclaimed in my stories please read and review , but i think you all should be honered that this parasite forum has latched itself onto your peticularly dreadful book
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Outsiders RolePlay
A role play forum taking place after the outsiders in modern day Tulsa, but Johnny and Dallas are alive.
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Your favorite parts from the story and in the movi
Tell me your favorite parts from the story The Outsiders and the movie as well! you can also write your favorite quotes but you have to tell who is saying it and if it is from the movie or book!
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Should there be another Outsiders movie?
The old movie was a classic, but should hollywood update it? Will it make or break fans? What do YOU think? Only one way to find out and let your voice be heard...huh? anything related goes
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The Woes of The Outsiders
Talk about anything to do with The Outsiders. Talk about fanfiction.
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The Anything Outsiders Forum
Talk about anything Outsiders...Haters are welcome. Give your opinion on the book, movie, and characters.
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Story Recommendations, OFC's, Etc
Want to read a good story? Want to advertise your story? Maybe you want to explain your OFC a little. Come on in and talk. Anyone's welcomed!
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The Outsiders playlist challenge!
Here is my past and present playlist challenge! I give you ten songs, you give me ten awesome one shots. There is first,second and third place depending on the numbers. Do you except the challenge?
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Fave Curtis Brother?
Pony? Soda? Darry? Which is the best Curtis brother and why? Well, this discussion is just a click away! :
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The Outsiders RPG
OC Characters welcome Ponyboy taken Two-Bit on request Dally on request Sodapop on request Darry on request Johnny on request Any other characters you can use w/o request
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The Outsiders
Any Greasers? Socials? Everyone's welcome here!
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Outsiders RolePlay
Outsiders rp and chat
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All About Darry
A forum for the much ignored, yet totally awesome, Darry.
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