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Outsiders RP
I really want this to go well. If you can keep them IC, take a canon; if you can't, make an OC. Something for everyone. You can play greasers, socs, and anything in between.
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Ponyboy Love
Talk about how much you adore Ponyboy! Who you like him paired up with, what kind of Ponytorture in a good way u enjoy, anything!
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Tim Shepard's Shrine
The title speaks for itself. If you love the best damn hood to walk the face of the planet Earth, this forum is for you. But if you just come to bash the tuffest gang leader, you'll get cut up nice and good.
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Social Saviour
A discussion about all things to do with the Social's and their views on the world.
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The Outsiders RPG
this is an Outsiders RPG based on the book as well as the movie :
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The Gang that Wasn't(an Outsiders rp)
Ponyboy and the gang weren't the only gang in Tulsa. And they defiantly weren't any match for the roughest all girl gang in east side. Join and rp as a cannon or Oc and become a soc, greaser or neither. Everyone's welcomed.
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What to do?
Outsiders role play will mostly be on everyday Everyone is welcome. We need socs and greasers.
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The Oustsiders, The Characters
So in this forum, I will post a topic starter for each Outsider. I will also post a topic starter for any OC you have created for The Outsiders. For all of the characters in the book, you can write opinions you have about them, what you WISH they would ha
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Your Stories
This is a place to discuss each other's stories and give strong recomendations for others you feel are excellent!
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Find that Fic Please
Looking for a certian fiction that you can't find? Ask other to help you.
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The Outsiders
I like this book, so...what the hell. A place to chat about it.Maybe even roleplay it.
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Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston
You can go here to talk about the two. Their differences, their actions, etc.
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The Outsiders Movie
A place to talk about anything to do with the movie.
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Outsiders Role Playing Game
Made up characters allowed and welcome. We're still missing cannons too!
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An Outsiders RPG
Role Playing Game...everyone is welcome, we need each of the boys, plus a few OC's but not to many, maybe 6 or 7. This will start at the begining of the book :
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The Outsiders RPG OC's Welcome!
This is for the bookmovie The Outsiders! Have fun!
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The Outsiders lovers come here!
if you are a fan of the 1983 classic the outsiders this forum is for you!we can come here to chat about and other things . come on in. p.s. if you don't like the outsiders and want to bask it in any way, BE GONE! thanks!
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The Outsiders Role Play!
Just a new role play...I figured that I would add a new one...strictly following the book and movie though! Come and join!
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SE Hinton Roleplaying
Have a favorite S.E. Hinton book? This is a place to roleplay any of them. Such as The Outsiders That was Then, This is Now Rumble Fish and Tex. Those are the ones I host here!
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A story envolving secrets, mystery, and romance. I made this forum for those who want to give feedback and those who don't like submitting reviews!
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want to join a new RPG for the outsiders.
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Outsiders RPG
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SE Hinton Roleplaying
This is a place where you can roleplay The Outsiders, That was Then This is now, Rumblefish, Tex, Taming the Star Runner, and I believe that's it.
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Greaser's Choice Awards 2006
The newest set of Fanfiction awards...
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Stay Gold: An Outsiders Roleplay Board!
No Sues, please? They Drive me crazay Anyway, Come to Roleplay here flags you down
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