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Story Ideas
Do you have ideas for stories you wish to read, but do not wish to pursue yourself? Need an idea for a plot? Come here.
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Outsiders Role Play
Well all positions are open but JOhnny and Sandy. I still need alot of people. Site: http:56765.
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Outsiders RP
An outsiders roleplay. Open to all. Cannon characters needed but madeup characters allowed too.
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Ways to Annoy Your Classmates
the gang went to school. well, s.e. hinton never really talked about what they DID during classes. I'm sure that 2bit would probly have wanted to start a list like this, so think of things that u know would drive ur classmates nuts!
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Buck's Place
Come on in! Grab a drink and lets talk. Shall we? We all know you love the Outsiders.
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The Outsiders RP
Basically just us RPing as the Greasers and Socs. Throw in a few OCs and you have a whole lot of drama and brand new plot!
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Anything Outsider
I just thought we needed a new one. Talk about anything that has to do with the outsiders :
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Fighting with Fanbrats
Squabbling with fanbrats ... oh, it's quite amusing. Here is the series of bitchfights I've had with THE OUTSIDERS group's facebook fanbrats. Oh, how annoyed someone can get upon being asked to use an apostrophe.
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The greasers lounge
This is the forum to discuss everything and anything outsiders related, as well as how your life, school, etc. is alike or different from the outsiders, and anything at all that you want. Meet, greet, play poker online that is: ,have fun:
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Fanfiction Ideas Requests and Suggestions
Random place to share your ideas for fanfics
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Scars and Souvenirs
Things that don't kill you will only make you stronger.
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For Outsiders lovers!
For all Outsiders lovers. I love the Outsiders, my personal favorite! Please tell me your favorite character.
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Who are your favorite Outsiders Characters? Why?
Join the Outsiders lovers and talk about the Outsiders with them.Learn things you never knew about the Outsiders. Share knowledge about the Outsiders. All things Outsiders unite!
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Outsiders Challenge lounge
This forum is for people who want to give out a challenge and people who are looking for a challenge. This is open to everyone and anyone can participate.
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he can do what now!
Does Ponyboy and Johnny have a hidden talent that the gang will later see. What's their talent? Will it turn into something huge. Stupid humor in later chapters. Better than it sounds.
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Outsiders Fanfic Competition!
Enter your Outsiders fanfic story! First, second, and third places will be given out! PM me or reply saying which one of your stories you want me to read! Competition ends February 23rd, 2012!
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Calling All Green Day Outsiders Fans!
This is a challenge to writers of the Outsiders fandom who double as fans of the ever amazing Green Day.
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Dawn's Destiny: One of Us Chapter ShortStory Ideas
Each chapter in One of Us is like a one-shot. Submit and discuss ideas for what you'd like for the gang over the summer both theirs and ours .
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Constructive Critics of The Outsiders
For all of those who want to discuss stories within The Outsiders fandom that need critiqueing. We can come together and help eachother with reviewing and fixing these stories.
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The Outsiders x Reader
How you met the boys
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Why did you go?
A oneshot based on the thoughts of Sodapop Curtis while Ponyboy and Johnny are in Windrixville.
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The Jasmine Flowers on the Mendez Mailbox
12-year-old Makayla Jade Mendez has to go through life before ger parents and her troubles and everything being fired at her. Will she succeed?
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The Outsiders Roleplay!
I miss roleplaying with these boys! Anyone interested in roleplaying, come join in! Let's have some fun! I welcome any and all topics.
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