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This is a Pendragon Rp join if you wish!
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Everything and Anything PENDRAGON
yes its true, everything and anything! My only rule... HAVE FUN!
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Traveler Inn
Welcome to all Travelers and Acolytes and maybe a few nonTravelers, too. Role playing and discussing pairings in Pendragon.
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This is a forum just to talk about if there ever was a pendragon movie. Say who u think would be best to play the people in the movie,if there ever is one. U can talk about whatever u think it would be like!
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This forum is to discuss anything about the Pendragon universe, and the fics.
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Pendragon Theme Songs
Have a themesong for a pendragon character? Put it here! Please have the song title,who it's by, and who's theme song it is. and, if you can find them, the lyrics too.
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Pendragon: The Pilgrims of Rayne
This is to all you peeps who've read Pendragon Book 8: The Pilgrims of Rayne. Come discuss thoughts and opininons on anything pertaining to this book!
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BobbyCourtney or BobbyLoor?
Which pairing is better from the Pendragon series? Bobby and Courtney or Bobby and Loor?
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The Covenant of Halla: Demon's Daughter Discussion
A place to discuss the fan-novel Demon's Daughter and fiction related to the DD canon. Also serves as a news bulletin and live status update as well as a fan hang-out and information regarding other DD-related storylines.
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Pendragon And The Flume for Fans
Fans talk about their theories and favourite travelers and such things. Blah...
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Soldiers of Halla
Whether you love it, hate it, or wanna smack MacHale upside the head with it this is a place to talk about SOH and the rest of the Pendragon books without having to go all berserk about spoilers. Enter if you know the truth.
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Pendragon Party
There isn't really that much to it. You can post any questions you have, any comments, that kind of stuff.
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Basically this is a Pendragon forum. You can discuss the books, characters and there will be a little roleplay section!
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Remudi? For Real?
Is Remudi really dead? Could Nevva be messing with Bobby's mind? She did say, since Ibara has no traveler i can be theirs.Is this true? that seemed almost too easy. Bobby saw a ring on Remudi,when he was fighting, but could he have just been acolyte?
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