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Live it up: Percy Jackson
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Half Blood? To live in the world of Percy Jackson? To not only role play and chat, but showcase your adventures to the world? To live like a real demigod/monster in a real world? You've come to the right place.
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Demigod Power
Have you ever wanted to be a character in a book? Wanted to go into the story and play it yourself? Well, I got a place for you! Demigod Power! Here you choose a character and you play as them. You meet new members and create new demigods yourself! Be prepared to have the best time of your life!
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Freudfiction Imagination
We are a walking dumpster (not-so)-cleverly disguised as a challenge forum. Come for the company, stay for the crazy. Foruhm Morghulis OS X Clu5t3rq0t3z
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians RP
No longer accepting new members.
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Camp Phoenix--- dead
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Percy Jackson Role Playing
Random roll play. Can be both from the book and original
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Half Blood Chat!
The chat for demigods to go and converse, we have Greeks, Romans, Hunters, the Dead when most get here. We can talk about ourselves, chat between the group and generally have a laugh. Welcome to the Half-Blood Chatroom. Chiron/Lupa/Artemis/Hades approved!
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Camp Half-Blood Demigods
This is a roleplay forum, where there is currently Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, and the Egyptians. This is set after the Heroes of Olympus series. Both canon characters and OCs are allowed.
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Camp HalfBlood
Welcome to Camp HalfBlood! Create your own demi-god and roleplay with others!
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Campamento Mestizo
Para todos los semidioses de habla hispana que aman Percy Jackson!
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Camp Halfblood
If you are here, that means you are a demigod. Welcome to Camp Halfblood! Here, you will get the full demigod excperience. Quests, Capture the Flag, singalongs, meetings on Olympus, and all of the other stuff that comes with being a Halfblood. Mr. D finally finished his sentence to this camp so I am your new camp director Ms. K! Have fun!
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Demigod RP
Love Demigods and RPing? This is your place! ][Active][
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BeginningTheREVOLUTION, Revolutionaries Unite!
This is the forum where all members of BeginningTheREVOLUTION can come and talk to each other. Much easier than pming back and forth, no? This forum was created by Chosen Hero.
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Welcome to the World of Demigods II
revamping of Welcome to the World of Demigods, just renewed. if you need more back up information, check out the first! not actually in spanish, all in english. last active: may 15th, 2020
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Half-Blood Heroes: Camp Chronicles
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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood
Welcome, demigods, Greek creatures, gods, etc. Prepare your battle axes, sharpen your swords, ready the Infirmary, and start training. Camp Half-Blood is your new home. Here you will meet your best friends, possibly worst enemies, a potential lover, and much more. Navigate this brave, new world to find your purpose; your story commences here. (If you are interested in joining then cheers! PM me and I'll have you get started right away!)
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The Ghost Writers' Headquarters
The Ghost Writers are a group of harried individuals trying our utmost to keep our forum afloat while the outernet tries it's best to keep us trapped in the shadowy realms of the real world. Our lofty goals to improve the state of the PJO fandom have now been left by the roadside, but we are all wordsmiths here and discussions/questions about writing are always welcome. We survive in a cacophony of smiles, dark times, murder, insanity and zombified chatting. Enter at your own risk. Enjoy your stay.
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Brave, New World
Welcome to the world of Percy Jackson; your adventure starts here, create your character, enter a new world, and begin your new life. The world is a tricky place but I know you will find the best and worst corners of it yet. Your story commences here.
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El Monte Olimpo
Para todos aquellos amantes de "Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo" y "Los héroes del Olimpo", un foro en español donde podrás encontrar retos, juegos, topics y todo tipo de actividades ¿Estás dispuesto a participar?
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When Darkness Returns
When Kronos rises again, it's up to a new generation of heros (mixed with old), to defeat him. A new Great Prophecy, amazing teachers, and heroic antics, Camp Jupiter and Camp Halfblood are in for an interesting time. Claim Cannons, create OCs, roleplay, chat, and more!
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Welcome to the World,Minus the Mist
Quests,monster attacks,training and more. lifes not always easy when youre a demigod so make sure you have your friends,your weapons and some goddly food at the ready.
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Just Your Average Demigod: A PJO RP
Strictly script roleplay. Care to drop your character into the everyday lives of the teenage demigods? Join us! **ACTIVE AS OF 12/4/14**
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PJO: Desperation
Eight years, eight long years. Humanity is at its brink and horrors run rampant across the globe. Only a select few can stand and fight now. Only they can take the place of those who have fallen.
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The Wicked and the Divine
Percy Jackson RPG (Currently Open and Accepting New Players). All are welcome. Come build an epic story of gods, demi gods, monsters, and just about anything else. Role play as canon characters or makeup a character of your own. Above all else, have a great time.
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Welcome to the World of Demigods
Camp Half-Blood: a place where demigods can train and learn to survive in a world of monsters, Titans, and Gods. Some will rise and some will fall, and others will become heroes that will be remembered for all of eternity. If you had the chance to become one of them; the memorable, the strong, the courageous, the leaders, would you?
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