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Live it up: Percy Jackson
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Half Blood? To live in the world of Percy Jackson? To not only role play and chat, but showcase your adventures to the world? To live like a real demigod/monster in a real world? You've come to the right place.
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How to Survive the World: For Demi-gods
Monster attacks, saving the world, and covering up those battle scars that your arch nemesis gave you during weapons training today-these are all the things you, as a Half Blood, are going to have to worry about. It's not always going to be easy-so make sure you bring your friends, your favorite sword, and some nectar and ambrosia. Good luck, Demi-gods!
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Demigod Power
Have you ever wanted to be a character in a book? Wanted to go into the story and play it yourself? Well, I got a place for you! Demigod Power! Here you choose a character and you play as them. You meet new members and create new demigods yourself! Be prepared to have the best time of your life!
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Percy Jackson Role Playing
Random roll play. Can be both from the book and original
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Camp Half-Blood Demigods
This is a roleplay forum, where there is currently Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, and the Egyptians. This is set after the Heroes of Olympus series. Both canon characters and OCs are allowed.
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Camp Phoenix
"Trin immediatly goes to death and Jazz becomes five." "I know, what even is this forum" I'm sure you're all asking the same question reading through our threads. And the answer is simple. Awesomness, that's what. Our people are so different, it's what makes us who we are and keeps this forum together. So join us and become part of this strange awesomness, and help us rule fanfiction for all of eternity!
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Camp Demigod: Welcome to Our World
There is danger in the world of demigods. They must face disastrous monsters, meet greedy and evil gods, while being forced to live low for their lives. Will you survive? This crosses over with the Behind Locker 133233 forum. PJO/TKC crossover.
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Camp HalfBlood
Welcome to Camp HalfBlood! Create your own demi-god and roleplay with others! (CLOSED UNTIL I SAY OTHERWISE)
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Demigod RP
Love Demigods and RPing? This is your place! ][Active][
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Half-Blood Heroes: Camp Chronicles
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When Darkness Returns
When Kronos rises again, it's up to a new generation of heros (mixed with old), to defeat him. A new Great Prophecy, amazing teachers, and heroic antics, Camp Jupiter and Camp Halfblood are in for an interesting time. Claim Cannons, create OCs, roleplay, chat, and more!
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Welcome to the World,Minus the Mist
Quests,monster attacks,training and more. lifes not always easy when youre a demigod so make sure you have your friends,your weapons and some goddly food at the ready.
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Welcome to the World of Demi-Gods
Camp Half-Blood: a place where demigods can train and learn to survive in a world of monsters, Titans, and Gods. Some will rise and some will fall, and others will become heroes that will be remembered for all of eternity. If you had the chance to become one of them; the memorable, the strong, the courageous, the leaders, would you?
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Just Your Average Demigod: A PJO RP
Strictly script roleplay. Care to drop your character into the everyday lives of the teenage demigods? Join us! **ACTIVE AS OF 12/4/14**
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Life in Camp Half-Blood
In a world where Gods are still ruling, there are young demigods who struggle to overcome obstacles. Whether it be trying to fit into the mortal world, or fighting monsters. Can you overcome these enduring tasks while dealing with your own drama? Then come and train! Oc's only. No canons.
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Camp Shadow
Hi, I'm Leilah. Welcome to Camp Shadow, where all the misfits and outcasts are. EGYPTIAN, NORSE, GREEK, AND ROMAN DEMIGODS ACCEPTED!
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Rival Schools (Half Blood High vs Jupiter Academy)
Two rival schools, hundreds of competitive students, one forum. Welcome to the best High Schools in America, only one problem... they are right next to each other. Come, Demigods, and choose your school!
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Welcome to Camp Halfblood
Welcome to camp Halfblood... This is a RPG forum just for you all fans of Percy Jackson, where you can experience what its like to be a demigod yourselves. [This is a non script type writing, uses 3rd person]
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Percy Jackson and The Olympians & Friends
The Percy Jackson world including the Egyptians, Norse, Asian for now will be adding other mythology's later. This is a legit forum no kids of Hera the rest will be explain inside. Everyone is invited to join here and no discrimination. Enjoy the World of PJATO and friends.
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Half-Blood Chat
Welcome demigods, hunters of Artemis, ghosts of the dead, and those who seek to join our ranks. Our roleplaying forum that is also open to general chatting, fangirling and causing mischief and mayhem. Let the fun begin. (I have approval from higher powers!)
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Dawn of the Gods: Rp
The time of the Gods is nearing, but not all is ready. Monsters still roam the earth, their children are scattered around the globe and one giant prophecy has not yet been fulfilled. Camp Half-Blood waits for new campers to embark on a quest to bring about a golden age. No longer accepting. *Last viewed 08.05.14*
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Camp Half Blood
Welcome to Camp Half Blood! This is one of the only known refugees for demigods, satyrs and more, except for monsters. Exceptions if you're nice. Anyways, come join us! CHB is the place to be.
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Camp Half-Blood
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! This is the place where demi-gods relax and hope that they don't get killed! Respond to events the way you would respond to them if you really were a demi-god. Come on! Don't hide yourself behind that tree! We're friendly! As long as you don't die or pick fights... What? Nothing! Just don't get killed! We love you and we don't know... Ugh! I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Just join and love us. We are family if you do, so we will love you back! XD
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Demigod Adventures
The conflict with Gaea has ended, but as usual, the world isn't safe from danger. But will the new generation of demigods be strong enough to protect the world? [CLOSED - Thank you so much to everyone who joined the forum and participated!]
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Demigods of War
A forgotten destroyer's legacy has been revealed, his weapons of incredible power are to be recovered one by one if Olympus is to be saved, his children must find their place at Camp Half Blood and redeem their bloodline if any future children of Kratos are to be welcomed as demigods. God of War crossover, may add Kane Chronicles and/or Magnus Chase later. Will give summaries of each fandom for anyone unfamiliar with the other.
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