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Neverland Roleplay
Just what the title says...
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Peter Pan RPG
For people like me who love the story of Peter Pan and want to be a part of it. Make an OC and add your self to the story. :D
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Peter Pan Fans Unite!
It's where Peter Pan fans talk about peter pan!Feel free to RP!
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Neverland Roleplay
"Second star to the right, and straight on till morning!" This roleplay is based off the 2003 movie but happens just after! Claim a Canon or create your own character to join in on the fun!
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Capt Hook
A forum for everyone's favorite pirate! All versions welcome, though some less so by the Moderator. And no, you don't have to hate Peter to join. :
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A New Peter Pan RP
Starting from scratch... loads of available canons and a whole new storyline to build up. Have fun!
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How Old Are You, Peter?
A forum to discuss how old we, devote fans of Peter Pan, think that Peter Pan should be portrayed as. No definite age is given in book/play and in the movies and other books as well he has ranged from 8-13 years! So how old physically should he be?
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Beta Readers for Peter Pan fanfiction
An open forum for those who need a beta reader for their fanfiction and for those who would like to offer be a beta reader and has some kind of extensive knowledge of the PP universe and basic knowledge of grammer and spelling.
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Peter Pan!
Talk about Peter pan or put in your OCs then there will be an RP option.
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Peter and the Prequels
This forum is for a discussion of the series 'Peter and the Starcatchers' and the characters.
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The Dark Side of Neverland
Have you ever noticed how harsh the characters of Peter Pan really are? Peter wishes adults dead, prepares to kill Toodles, kills pirates, whips Slightly... And that's just one character... I hope you'll discuss such points here!
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Have you ever been to Neverland?
In a dream have you ever "been" to Neverland...like flown to Neverland with Peter?
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Neverland High Roleplay
Ever wanted to be in Neverland yourself? Add youself to the story by creating an OC or if maybe Neverland's not for you, join everyone at Neverland High! Canon characters available
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Peter and Jane
For anyone who thinks that Jane and Peter from the second movie make a good paring
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Neverland Never leaves you
Are you a big kid at heart? Come on all you Peter Pans who never want to grow up, post here!
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Captain James Hook RP Forum
The adventures of Captain James Hook; with pirates and possible lovely ladies to tame the Captains heart!
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Peter Pan and Wendy RPG
Grown-up Wendy is raising Peter Pan as her child. Game based on the book, but AU. Set in modern days and Peter ran away as a 9-year old and not as an infant. The RPG happens on another site, this is just a WANTED AD for someone to play Wendy!
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