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Obsessed? Well, You've Come To The Right Place!
Obsessed with Phantom, but if you tell anyone they might think you're crazy? Then this is a place where you can express your Phanness! Everything from E/C to R/C *shudder* or just things to do with the topic in General. Open to all!
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What If
An alternate universe RP- What if Christine Daae had never come to the Opera House? How might things have turned out differently? All characters are open!
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Discussing the Strange affair of POTO
Here is a place to dicuss all things phantom, from the songs to hidden subplots to book discussions and everything in between! Enjoy!
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Getting a Beta Reader
People can come here to contact eachother to get Beta readers and such!
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Phantom's Lair Theater
This is for anyone who's ever read my fic 'The Phantom's Lair Theater'. You can come audition your own fics for the theater, i'll be putting someone's fic in the sequel still in progress And you can come in and talk to the cast.
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The Phantoms Realm
This is my realm, illusions domain, where music and beauty and artifice reign. -OG
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Challenges for the eager, but uninspired, author! Anyone welcome to challenge!
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Does anyone know how old Erik is supposed to be?
Anyone? Its been bothering me. I know that there was supposed to be a substantal sp? age difference, at least in the movie anyway... So if you think you know, just leave a comment!
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Christine's Choice: Raoul vs Erik
As the title says, who do you think Christine should have ended up with?
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Find your phanfics here
Find all your missing phantom stories here!
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What makes a quality PTO fic?
A place to discuss the qualities each writer looks for in PTO fics, both when writing and reading. Find inspiration here and bars to aim for, insight into styles. In Erik's spirit, here we tutor each other through the mirror of the internet. Not a place for bashing writer's skills.
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Dark Phic
Companion forum to the Dark Phic C2 for Phantom phans of the horror, macabre, and gothic classifications of phic. Enter if you dare!
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Music of the Night
A Forum dedicated to the timeless story that has enchanted all of us for decades...Stories are for eternity, when memory is erased, when there is nothing to remember but the story...
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Phantom Lovers, come here!
IF you love POTO, and want to talk about it, come here, and start discussions!
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Susan Kay's Phantom
Come here to discuss the most lyrical literary adaptation of Leroux's Phantom of the Opera. All fans of Susan Kay's novel Phantom come and discuss! Recommend your favorite Kay based fanfiction.
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Phantom of the Opera
Discuss everything related to the movies, book and musical.
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talk about the moviebooks here. enjoy
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Movie vs Book
Erik...or Gerik? The original hideous genius and the sexy yet severely watered down Scot face off.
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Slash, anyone?
Thoughts? Ideas? Read a good one? Come and chat, feel free to express opinions but keep within the guidelines..
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The Sweet EC AND RC Romances
A forum for those few of us who think BOTH EC romances AND RC romances are wonderful, or just can't make up our minds which sweet, adorable, caring guy Christine should be with. Also open for discussion on any other POTO pairings you enjoy.
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Coopergrad09z Discussion and Sillyness Association
Come and talk about any thing POTO,Gerard Butler, LOTR or Narnia orientated!
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OG's cave
come and talk about stories that you love, and well anything that has to do with this wonderful work of art.
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Phantom of the Opera
This is for Phantom of the Opera lovers that want to tell everyone about it. Eventually there may even be roleplaying!
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Story Discussions
This is a place where you can discuss stories that are in the Phantom of the Opera category. Feel free to start a new topic for a story that you want to discuss.
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This is for all you supportes tof Erick with othere womean, Christine si a bithch and he sdesrevs better...right? come in then, and speak your mind.
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