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Erik's Birthday: What sign do you think he is and
Just to have a bit of fun and share ideas... when do you think Erik was born? Be warned, your opinion may be used in some fan fiction somewhere - with credit
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Phantastic Ideas or Questions
Come in to share an idea of a story you'd like to see. For instance as cross-over but you don't have the time to write it or whatever. Also open to questions.
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Raoul vs The Phantom: Who do you prefer?
Give me your opinions on who you like and why.
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Discussions of the various versions of Erik
Intelligent discussion about the various versions of Erik. Whether you prefer Leroux, Kay, the Musical, the 2004 ALW movie or any other versions, you can come here to discuss the differences between the versions and characterizations of each.
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Looking to share ideas? Share works? Co-Author?
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For The Love Of Another: PhantomOC
For both writers/readers who want to see our favourite Phantom find the love and tenderness he deserves with an original female character. Discuss story ideas, advertise for a Beta service or simply talk about your favourite Phantom books and characters.
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Phantom of the Opera Costumes
A place to talk about, plan about, or ask about Phantom of the Opera Costumes! Show us how your costume turned out! Allow us to bask in your glory! For both musical and movie versions!
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The Phantom's End
THis Forum is dedicted to Erik's story, right up to his end. It's for Erik's end to be debated, is it possible? Is it truly sad, or is it unbearably happy and peaceful? I want toknow what everyone thinks on everything within the Phantom of the Opera.
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Phantom Of the Opera
Para los fans de Erik.
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Phantom of the opera truth or dare
If I haven't posted for a while and you have a truth or dare, just post it here and I'll check it out. Send dares and truths you wish for your favorite phantom characters to perform or tell!
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Need Help
I was wondering if anybody has a copy of Waytoointoerik's stories or know where Waytoointoerik's stories are at? Please, I really want to reread them again. Please and thank you!
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Crack Roleplay: Phantom of the Opera edition
Exactly what the title says...
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In need of a good read?
Anyone need a Phantom Fix? Suggest your favourites and find new material!
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All oc characters mary sue
I always run into problems with turing my oc's into Mary-Sues. I know the traits of a Mary sue very well, but I am still concerned about one of my oc characters. She is for my phantom of the operastory, and so far no one as claimed her to be a sue. Yet, I
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Disscusion on phantom the opera THE BOOK NOT MOVIE
disscusion on the book phantom of the opera, but refrence to the movie/musical is welcome
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Phantom Of The Opera POTO for short Forum
A place to talk about POTO
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Arrows and Hearts
Evangiline is a girl unlike most, but she soon meets the man she has been looking for. But in order to find their love for each other they have to work together to solve a mystery. the man is Erik the Phantom this summary sucks the storys better! I DONT
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The Phantom's children
how do you feel about the idea of the phantom having a kid? make topics and talk it out.
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We Need More Madame Giry!
The title say's it all my friends!
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Beauty Beast Phantom story?
Erik lives under the opera with some other freaks one of them being a midget lady and another man with no legs. Christine becomes a prisoner. Raoul is a maniac. Anyone knows it?
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Erik Interracial OCs
ATTENTION PHANTOM PHANS! If you want to see stories about the Phantom being in an interracial relationship? then this forum is just for you#
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