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The Pretty Little Liar Roleplay
A roleplay based on the book series/TV series of Pretty Little Liars written by Sara Shepard. Play as your favorite main character or make up your own! *Please have watched the finale of the second season or read the book in which Mona is killed* Mona is dead in this roleplay and there is now a new A! P.M. if interested in joining.
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All Things Pretty Little Liars!
Come here to discuss the books, your favorite characters, favorite pairings, and more!
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Pretty Little Liars RP and Story Idea place
A place to roleplay the book series
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The secret the brings them closer and the surprise
Aria gets a job at her old school and ind out her ex-boyfriend is dating her friend sorry i am no good at summarys
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Crossover Challenge
Wouldn't anyone want 2 see a crossover between Alex Rider and Pretty Little Liars? What if Alex is related 2 one of them and finds out about A? This plot bunny has been bothering me for a while, but, unless you want to drop a few IQ points, you really don
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Behind the Scenes, 4 Liars!
Chat about the Liars and what they do when your not reading! Go behind the scenes and talk all about what YOU think your favorite characters do
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Pretty Little Liars 16 & Pregnant Spoby
Spencer Hastings is your avrage High School teenager, but in reality she’s not all that avrage. She has a devilish psychopath who goes by the letter A stalking her and her friends, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Aria Montgomery, a friend in the grave and a family who isn’t pleased unsless she’s following in their footsteps; which she’s not. The only good thing in her life (apart from her friends) is her safe place to land Toby Cavnaugh, but one night changes their entier lives when they make an unintentional mistake.
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