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The Pretty Little Liar Roleplay
A roleplay based on the book series/TV series of Pretty Little Liars written by Sara Shepard. Play as your favorite main character or make up your own! *Please have watched the finale of the second season or read the book in which Mona is killed* Mona is dead in this roleplay and there is now a new A! P.M. if interested in joining.
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All Things Pretty Little Liars!
Come here to discuss the books, your favorite characters, favorite pairings, and more!
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Pretty Little Liars RP and Story Idea place
A place to roleplay the book series
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The secret the brings them closer and the surprise
Aria gets a job at her old school and ind out her ex-boyfriend is dating her friend sorry i am no good at summarys
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Crossover Challenge
Wouldn't anyone want 2 see a crossover between Alex Rider and Pretty Little Liars? What if Alex is related 2 one of them and finds out about A? This plot bunny has been bothering me for a while, but, unless you want to drop a few IQ points, you really don
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Behind the Scenes, 4 Liars!
Chat about the Liars and what they do when your not reading! Go behind the scenes and talk all about what YOU think your favorite characters do
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