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search story's pride and predjudice
help others to find story's or find that special you wanted to read forever
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Jane Austen RPG (Semi-Private)
Welcome to Regency England! (Semi-private, PM me if you'd like to join)
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Pride and Prejudice RP
Does the 21st century bore you? Does the lack of gentlemen make you sigh in depression? Wish to have a ball and dance all night long? Then this place it just what you need! Welcome to the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice! How will the story unfold when canon characters meet new and exciting OCs? Come one, come all!
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Talk P&P
Talk anything pride and prejudice. Scenes, Mr.Darcy, characters, Mr. Darcy, romantic scenes, Oh and did I mention Mr. DARCY? :-
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Discussion for The Cliffs of Hertfordshire
An experimental spot to put notes for The Cliffs of Hertfordshire. Everyone can create topics or comment and I'll read all of them. Play nicely now.
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Meet my daughter, Amy Jane
I hope this forum will allow any of the readers Meet My Daughter, Amy-Jane to contact me instead of having to use reviews.
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The Odd Duck Quest & other Jane Austen fanfictions- reviews' replies
Here you will find the replies to the reviews for my stories The Odd Duck's Quest, Mary Bennet's year of melodrama, The Accomplished Miss Juliet Carteret & The Three Cousins.
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Unbearable Tension
For anyone that wants to discuss my story, Unbearable Tension, or make suggestions. I want to respond to reviews but can only do so privately at present.
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Book club
I was thinking that I wish there was a book club I could go to but I dont want to read the Oprah book list, I want to read great fanfic for P&P and really most jane austen stories. So what if people started threads with a stories title and then people could read, ask questions, share opinions, likes-dislikes, and whatever else comes up.
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Regency and Romance: A Bridgerton Roleplay
It is 1813, and ball season is upon us! While it is the debut of London and England's most wealthy and eligible ladies, Lady Whistledown is scheming, and her notes on the richest families are leaving high society reeling! Will Lady Whistledown cause the decline of some of the most aspiring ladies? *Advanced/Intermediate RP. Active as of 12/26/20*
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Pride and Prejudice
A place to discuss the book or movie
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Everything Pride and Prejudice
Everything Pride and Prejudice- movie adaptations, published and unpublished fanfiction, favorite scenes, Mr. Darcy, the book, Mr. Darcy... Anything that's on your mind about P&P.
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Lizzie Bennet Diaries
I place for fans of 'The Lizzie Bennet Dairies' to talk everything LBD. From story ideas to the YouTube episodes if it's LBD related you can talk about it here
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Austen por siempre
Te gustan las historias, de Jane Austen, pues este es tu lugar, aqui podras encontrar, retos, debatir, opiniones, y mucho mas, atravete y entra nuevamente a el siglo XIX, atraves de este foro...
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Pride and Prejudice Lovers
Hey JAFF readers! do you want to drown into Jane Austen's romantic world? you have found the right place! In this forum, we talk about Characters, Fanfictions, analyzing and more!
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The Path to Pemberley
The place to ask questions get answers and make suggestions on what you would like to see in my fanfic The Path to Pemberley
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Caroline Bingley
Why DOES Caroline seem to favor orange in our stories? Why IS she so oblivious to Darcy's lack of interest in her? Here's a forum to discuss all of your theories on Caroline Bingley.
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Pride's Challenges and Prejudice Drabbles
Here you can post and read story challenges. Please post your challenge in the right time period category.
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Friends and Foes
Hi! This is a forum for my stories and me, particularly my ongoing stories 'More Than My Dearest Friend', 'Pride, Prejudice, and An Old Rivalry', and lastly, 'Wizards of England'. Updates may be scheduled here!
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Wedded bliss and the jitters that follow
an area where you can leave ideas and just talk about the story.
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Pride and Prejudice Recommendations
A place to share your favorite stories, and help others find good ones.
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Need an editor?
Hello fellow P & P enthusiasts! If you need professional editing services for your stories, I'd be happy to help. I am an editor and proofreader and have worked with multiple genres, particularly historical and contemporary romance, and have a particular soft spot for Mr. Darcy. I've worked with published authors, first-time authors, and self-published authors. Private message me for details. Happy writing! nanchak
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Mary & Percival
Mary Bennet and Percy Weasley - a perfect match?
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Elizabeth’s sick
Elizabeth is the wife of Fitzwilliam Darcy and this is the way they lived there life’s.
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