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GIRLS out there, do you have loads to talk about but no where to shout it out loud! Come on board then & lets discuss girl's issues! Including CHICKFLICKS & MEG CABOT'S BOOKS. the male species, KEEP OUT!
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We Love Meg Cabot!
Well talk about all of Meg's Books!
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Hola! me duele...suena raro eh! pues es que veo que mucha gente en EspaƱa desconoce la grandeza de Meg Cabot! elle est genial! shes great!
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The Reader's Revenge
I don't know about you, but I am SO SICK AND TIRED of people dissing the Princess Diaries books in favor of the movies. Grr. Please come discuss! All opinions will be respected.
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Mia's Number One Fan
Hi people this is my forum about princess diaries. It roks so lets talk.
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Princess diaries
Who do you think Mia in the princess diaries will end up with? I think she'll end up with micheal!
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