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Secret Headquarters
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Hi everyone! Join me in a fun roleplaying experience baised off the fabulous books series written by the talented Kate Brian! If you enjoy the books, come and join! You can snag a canon or make an original character!
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P r i v a t e R o l e p l a y
Hey y'all! Join me in a fun role play based on the amazing series written by the ever brillant Kate Brian! If you love the series come and join! Make an original character or grab up a canon! It's up to you!
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Private Roleplay
Come roleplay as the characters of Kate Brian's Private series. But you need to register with me first!
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For those who are just as happy that there's finally a Private fandom on FF, this is for you!
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Exclusively Private
Enter Easton Academy at your own risk. Exclusively for those who are insanely addicted to the series.
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Private Roleplay
For all of us who love the Private series and can't get enough of roleplaying! This plays after the Private books. After Reed and co.
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Discuss Suspicion *Spoiler Alert* What do you think Kate will do in Scandal? Come and we'll discuss it.
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Private Role Play for ideas etc
just join if you wanna have fun or even if you want idea!
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