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Ranger's Role-Play Forum (Girls can be Apprentices)
Make your own character or use an existing one! (Girls may be apprentices) Come in!
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Ranger Corps: Men In Cloaks
Ah yes, a place for the Men In Cloaks and our epic musical numbers, among other things. Challenges, discussions, and creation of musical numbers! Okay, not the last ones, but...yeah.
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Ranger's Apprentice: A Roleplay
A ranger's love of coffee? Tug and Will's connection? Halt's epicness? We have all read and loved the Ranger's Apprentice series, and have our favorite moments, characters, and quotes. Now its time to begin our own stories. Welcome one and all! A ranger, a Skandian, ward, or villain, anything you wish! Create a character and join the fun! (Set after the series) (CURRENTLY INACTIVE)
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Ranger's Apprentice Role play
Ranger's Apprenitce Rp. Kin of stright forward
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Ranger's Apprentice Forum One
Nothing specific. Just Ranger's Apprentice in general.
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Ranger's Apprentice Online
A world of Ranger's Apprentice. Kind of like a role play to see who you would be in the world of Ranger's Apprentice.
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Do you think Horace should die?
I really think he should because not only would that make me happy, but it would free the world from his stupidity. I know if it wasn't for him Will would be dead, but he's not, and I think Horace should die in book nine. What do you think?
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A Time Long Ago
A non-canon Ranger's Apprentice RP.
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Ranger's Role Playing forum
Be an oc in the world of ranger's apprentice. Anyone is welcome! TOTALY OPEN, AND READY FOR BUISNESS!
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First RA shipping forum!
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Ranger's Apprentice Challenges
A forum for any and all challenges that involve the Ranger's Apprentice Series. Any books, any category, whatever!
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Ranger's Apprentice Role Play
A Ranger's Apprentice role play. Create an OC.
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A Collaboration of RA Facts and Nonsense
A place to discuss; upcoming or past books, share quotes, ideas and analyses throughout the series. All input is welcome, but nothing slash related.
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Across the Ages - A Ranger's Apprentice RP Forum
ACTIVE! - OC & CANON - Ranger's Apprentice is filled with stories of all manner of individuals. Shall we explore your story?
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Gilan's Apprentice: MultiAuthored Fanfic?
I'm wondering if anyone wants to do a multi-authored fanfic with me about Gilan's apprentice. I'm thinking that each person would make a character and then write chapters from that character's POV. Anyone interested?
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Book Nine: Halt's Peril
I was just wondering what everyone thinks the ninth book will be like...
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Rangers of Araluen
Come here if you want to join a (active) Rangers Apprentice forum! Is pretty relaxed.
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Basicly if you have a story in your head but can not bebothered to get of the couch and type it you post it here and hopefully someone else might have an idea for it and take it up. i have alot of ldeas!
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The Ranger's Apprentice Yearbook
Shoutouts, shoutouts to one and all! You can include any random stuff that is somehow RA-related; remember the most epic stories of the year; freak out over how writing and reviewing fanfiction has changed your life this year; and so on. Happy holidays!
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Araluen and Beyond: Ranger's Apprentice RPing
This is where we can create and join RP's. Anything anyone wants to, really. Just make up a topic and we'll do it. Preferably with seperate character form and RP-ing threads. I hope some people join this. I love RP-ing, and I'd like to do it here :)
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This is the forum for the lovers of Horace!
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Isn't Gilan like way older than Jenny?
So I don't know if it's just me, but wouldn't Gilan be like way older than Jenny?
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i need names for my new characters
i realy need names for my two new char. here are the descriptions twin brother of Elvynn. Long blond hair with blue eyes. skillfull in craftmanship younger brother of Elvynn.brown hair and green eyes. abbout 17. likes to goof off
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Ranger's apprentice role play
This is my Ranger's apprentice role play. Events after all the other events, so its a free lance story line.
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Ranger's Apprentice: The Gilan Edition
This, first and foremost, is a challenge. It was thought of because there is a disturbing lack of apprentice Gilan stories.
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