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Ranger's Role-Play Forum (Girls can be Apprentices)
Make your own character or use an existing one! (Girls may be apprentices) Come in!
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Ranger's Apprentice: A Roleplay
A ranger's love of coffee? Tug and Will's connection? Halt's epicness? We have all read and loved the Ranger's Apprentice series, and have our favorite moments, characters, and quotes. Now its time to begin our own stories. Welcome one and all! A ranger, a Skandian, ward, or villain, anything you wish! Create a character and join the fun! (Set after the series) (CURRENTLY INACTIVE)
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A Time Long Ago
A non-canon Ranger's Apprentice RP.
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Across the Ages - A Ranger's Apprentice RP Forum
ACTIVE! - OC & CANON - Ranger's Apprentice is filled with stories of all manner of individuals. Shall we explore your story?
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Rangers of Araluen
Come here if you want to join a (active) Rangers Apprentice forum! Is pretty relaxed.
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Araluen and Beyond: Ranger's Apprentice RPing
This is where we can create and join RP's. Anything anyone wants to, really. Just make up a topic and we'll do it. Preferably with seperate character form and RP-ing threads. I hope some people join this. I love RP-ing, and I'd like to do it here :)
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Remuki and Regina
In this story of trust and deceit Will and the gang encounter two of the most dangerous enemies of their beloved Araluen...a couple of girls. Never underestimate the unknown. short summary. Probably not a very short fic!
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