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Ready Player Two
The High Five have taken care of the OASIS for years ever since they solved Halliday's Easter egg. Now a new threat is looming and a new generation of OASIS players must combine forces to try and last against this new threat.
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Ready Player One - The Movie & Fan Fiction
A cool virtual place to discuss the movie directed by Spielberg released on March 29th and any new fan fics you're writing based off the movie or the book. Let's enter The OASIS together.
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Ready Player One: Adventures In The Oasis
The Oasis: A place where there are no boundaries. Come and visit this amazing place in this forum.
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Zompocalypse Forum
A forum dedicated to my Zompocalypse story for Ready Player One. Discussion on content, progress, character implementation and how they are conveyed can be made here. Additionally you can talk about RPO as you wish :)
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Press Start
Set almost immediately after the events of the book "Ready Player One", here you can create your own avatars, or claim some story characters, and enter... The OASIS.
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