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The Da Vinci Code
Discuss The book, movie and fanfic
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The Last Time RP
Based off the movie The Da Vinci Code, this roleplay will focus before the movie and a little during it. Feel free to change the plotline and so forth and let's make it interesting!
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All Albino Fan's 1 Forum
Think Silas is awesome? Reread all the chapters with him in over and over? Loved albinos ever since you finished the Code? Well, if the answer's yes to any of the above, this is the place for you to be!
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şø dÅrk thë ÇÔñ Öf mÁÑ
A place to discuss the controversial issues in the Da Vinci Code.
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Da'Vinci'Code Fanatics
come here to tlak 'bout the movie, book, and the Last Supper, All those paintings we all adore snickers
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Silas, Fluffy of Psycotic?
What sort of Silas Fanfic's do you prefer. Ones were he slowly succumbs to the comfort and love of a woman or one were he is Psycotic and harsh? Give your opinion... :D
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Marry & Silas
Silas loves a woman who won't love him back he just won't let go. So he dose what he think he hates KILL. But will he end up killing the only woman he loved. a secret of silas's past over powers him.
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Da VinciReal or Fiction to the Eyes?
Post your thoughts on what you think about this novel, greatly written.
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Freaky ways to take it
All right, I think the Da Vinci Code is JUST A BOOK! But you can discuse your freaky vew on Da Vinci Code. Rule: NO MUD SLINGING OTHER IDEAS!
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Angels & Demons
The precursor to The DaVinci Code - a race through Rome to save the Vatican from a ticking timebomb.
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